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  1. No worries - busy is a good thing. :-)
  2. And the podcast will go up...? I just listened to the old podcasts. Lots of good fun. I know Tim and the gang are too busy doing real work but I wish this could be a monthly podcast!!!
  3. Ice World (damn!) Grandpa's Cheese Barn (real place in Ohio!) Richards Simmons' Hair One-Hit-Wonder World (everyone is equally famous) Sideshow Freak Rehab Center Topsoil World (earthworms as mass transit) Booger Caverns of Mars Willie Nelson's Right Lung (for God's sake not the Left!) Toastland (all clothing, goods and buildings - toast) Everyone is Boris Karloff World Shadowland (Traverse by moving light sources) Everything Smells like Lacquer World Two Worlds And A Cup (EeeYew!)
  4. DFHAT is a staple in my household. Not a get-together or party can go by without firing up that one.
  5. Brings back memories of working for a printer. I can smell the ink! :-)
  6. An early "C" port of Colossal Cave on a Harris Mini - I remember loading it in on paper-tape! We wasted many a man-hour on that game. So much so that the IT director put a time lock on the file so we could only play after hours. :-)
  7. Impressive as hell. I loved it! The panel vs. page # labels confused for a moment but this is very nicely done!
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