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  1. Been nearly two years and while many other people here besides myself have said they want more save game slots, I guess it's not going to happen. /sadpanda
  2. There is currently no way to slackerback with fig, but they are trying to figure something out. Okay, that's what I figured. Hopefully they figure something out. I'd really like to be part of the process. But I was out of work and had no money at the time. If they don't figure anything out, I'll certainly buy the game day 1. I really do love the first game. Playing it again on PS4 now.
  3. Thanks for the update. Milla lookin' awfully spicy in that image. It's too late to slacker-back this game right? I actually kinda have money now. *shrug*
  4. https://www.exophase.com/game/psychonauts-ps4/trophies/ And there was much rejoicing!!! EDIT: Lol wut? The Steam Holiday achievements are trophies. One of those you can't do until Christmas Day. I can't get the Platinum for another 6 months? Seriously? o_O
  5. Psychonauts comes out this week on PSN. No trophies apparently.
  6. Slightly disappointing but I'll still get it for the Trophies I suppose.
  7. I'm a prophet except my timing was wrong apparently.
  8. Or maybe a port of the PC version similar to the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII. Or is that what you mean by a native PS4 port?
  9. From Spaff's post on PSBlog: Hopefully it has trophies. Please let it have trophies. Screenshots: EDIT: Why won't these images embed? >:-(
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