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  1. Been nearly two years and while many other people here besides myself have said they want more save game slots, I guess it's not going to happen. /sadpanda
  2. There is currently no way to slackerback with fig, but they are trying to figure something out. Okay, that's what I figured. Hopefully they figure something out. I'd really like to be part of the process. But I was out of work and had no money at the time. If they don't figure anything out, I'll certainly buy the game day 1. I really do love the first game. Playing it again on PS4 now.
  3. Thanks for the update. Milla lookin' awfully spicy in that image. It's too late to slacker-back this game right? I actually kinda have money now. *shrug*
  4. https://www.exophase.com/game/psychonauts-ps4/trophies/ And there was much rejoicing!!! EDIT: Lol wut? The Steam Holiday achievements are trophies. One of those you can't do until Christmas Day. I can't get the Platinum for another 6 months? Seriously? o_O
  5. Psychonauts comes out this week on PSN. No trophies apparently.
  6. Slightly disappointing but I'll still get it for the Trophies I suppose.
  7. I'm a prophet except my timing was wrong apparently.
  8. Or maybe a port of the PC version similar to the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII. Or is that what you mean by a native PS4 port?
  9. From Spaff's post on PSBlog: Hopefully it has trophies. Please let it have trophies. Screenshots: EDIT: Why won't these images embed? >:-(
  10. Releated question for those of us who can't afford to back the game at any tier because they have literally no money: At some point in the future post launch can I get access to the documentary? Maybe make it part of a bundle on Steam or GOG? I really liked the Broken Age one and would love to see this one. Thanks.
  11. I begrudgingly watched that video after a friend kept insisting for his own selfish reasons and all through it I'm just thinking to myself "they just want to make a game that people have been asking for for 10 years. What is he talking about?" I'm guessing the world inside his brain looks similar to The Milkman Conspiracy.
  12. Congrats, Double Fine! I fully expect it to be as good as I've been dreaming these past 10 years! No pressure.
  13. Same here. No money right now. Feels bad, man.
  14. I have a fun game you can play while waiting for Psychonauts 2 also.
  15. Oh! I knew you were there, but I heard of a version of the story where Matt grabbed a fire extinguisher. Then again this story might've changed in my brain as time passes. I'm pretty sure Thien had a jetpack. Ironically it was the jetpack that caused the fire. If you also had one of those water jetpacks, and you flew them both at the same time, then they cancel each other out. 100% safe work environment achieved. Come at me, OSHA.
  16. Started to tear up at the end there when the team expresses their optimism and in some cases reservations about the potential of doing a Psychonauts 2. I especially liked Geoff saying they want to see how they can bring the platformer to the world today without just being nostalgic but also being progressive. I like how he thinks.
  17. That must be a recent addition since DoTT was 1993 and Phantom Menace was 1999. And Senate Representative Binks wasn't until 2002 with Attack of the Clones. Though it is a game about time travel. Hmmmmm... >_>
  18. But do you work for a popular YouTube channel? No. 8-/ Then why do you feel you should get a role over James? Would you believe I'm actually psychic in real life? Umm sure... Well, there ya go. That's why. I am uniquely qualified to play a psychic in a video game about psychic secret agents.
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