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  1. Fangamer sorted everything out :). For some reason, not all my pledges had been claimed or mailed to me or something.
  2. Still waiting for my 1000$ reward. Backed in 2012 :D. I wanted to present this painting to my future wife, well, we are finally getting married in August. Any chance for that?
  3. It is fair critic and anyone can wait the the game comes out and see the review. I think the critic about game mechanics is a fair one, even when you go on other Double Fine games. The story, the world, the art often balance it to make something memorable. The fortnights are helping on that side and I believe that game design star might rise from this studio because it is build in such a way that with time, the talents will emerged. Get a German board game designer in-house and see how all the future game becomes master pieces ;D!
  4. The Milkman!

    I blame the monty pythons, someone should find the picture, it doesn't show anymore.
  5. This one was my first. -Spriter -Porthole -Ukiyo-e
  6. Why Are You A Backer?

    1. Grim Fandango. 2. Tim Schafer 3. Monkey Island 4. Psychonauts So many reasons... The work of Tim and Rob has been such a big part of my life since I first played when I was very young monkey island (Didn't even understood english but hey, funny looking pirates right?) Psychonauts also was the first game I pushed y girlfriend to play and she was really hardcore on collecting every possible figments and cards and so on. These are the reason why I backed up for the 1000$ reward, so I can get that painting of her. (And I wanted the art book so hard) And also I saw this as a new beginning for Tim and thing will never be the same after this project. This means that people who used to tell "why do you make this or that, plenty of people will pay for that" can actually make their word count. I know I will love the upcoming game with whole my heart. I didn't become a game designer because of adventure games, I wouldn't dare to make a single suggestion, I could sit quietly in a dark house for 2 years to get this game. Best of love to the team for making it possible!