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  1. To ride the Guillator just press x like for 4 time until its stunned. You cannot ride the Sickle beast
  2. That was the best 30 second phone call of my life.
  3. Why did I not think of this one earlier? A Ormagöden plushie
  4. http://www.brutallegend.net/news/win-an-eddie-riggs-figure-from-brutal/ Hope this helps. PS. I threw my name in the hat.
  5. All I have been playing is the BL demo. But online wise Battlefield:Badcompany.
  6. Everyday the game gets closer to release time slows down.
  7. Sounds to me like this kid needs to get smacked in the face with a broadaxe. Sounds to me like his parents don't want him to buy the game, So he is bashing it because he can't have.
  8. God Tim Currys voice really fits the role of Doviculus. The giant tank thing is ROCK CRUSHER The ultimate portable stage, when it's time to take the metal to your enemies' front door. ROLE Massive ranged assault and support vehicle. Pyro mortars rain death upon enemies from afar while portable speaker stacks motivate nearby troops, raising their damage output. Oh, and there's also the front-mounted crusher. DOUBLE TEAM Drivable vehicle. Eddie plays the Bladehenge solo, summoning the Blade of the Metal Gods upon his enemies.
  9. I had a dream that Ronald Reagan was my best friend, We were trying to get that big meanie Gorbachev to tear down that wall.
  10. I had a Gamestop employee tell me that the game was not realistic. I was like really?
  11. I was born Rocktober 12, Which is going to be my 18th B-day. I can honestly say that I am more excited about Brutal Legend then turning 18.
  12. "Bob Kottick's lap dog" Where has this guy been? He is really misinformed.
  13. My Gamestop is filled with jerks who don't have any standees. (Should i burn my Gamestop down for this?)
  14. This is on the 360. When you are fighting the Druids before you fight the lampray. Press Y and the guitar solo button RT at the same time and Eddie will float for a little while.
  15. The Anvil of Burden seems to be the most annoying one.
  16. I plan on beating all the difficulties with Clementine, Then for a Play through for fun using the love giver
  17. Tainted coil, They see like a nice group of demons.
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