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  1. Edit: The following may sound somewhat bitter, but I still don't count myself among the people who regret backing DFA. I enjoyed Act 1 moderately, and the documentary has been superb despite the highly erratic release schedule. It's just that my concern's grown to a level where it can no longer be ignored. I can't help but feel somewhat disheartened by all of this. Everything from the fact that we havn't heard any word of development for over two months and especially with something like S-DF9 being prematurely rushed out the door for a "1.0" release has resulted in a major loss of trust for me. When I glance over at something like Armikrog, which has consistently informed the backers of development and have shown major progress in just a single year (despite being entirely made in clay and cardboard!), I can't help but wonder what's going on at DF. This is probably an entirely uninformed opinion, but it seems to me that what made DF survive after Brutal Age - splitting up the team to make smaller games - is what's making it weak now. Too many projects spreading the company too thin, resulting in half-baked products that release too late. Perhaps too early in S-DF9s case. That's what it looks like to one of the outside masses, anyway.
  2. Same bug, but it appeared when talking to Curtis. First bug so far that I could find.
  3. Hate to break it to you, but DF is based on the West Coast. It's gonna be a while, probably best to get to sleep. I'm in the same boat too, so, yeah. Sucks.
  4. The screenshots look fantastic, such polish. Buuuuut, I kinda missed Day of the Devs, but I really want to watch the Broken Age footage. Any place I can find it? Skimming through the twitch videos didn't produce anything, but I wasn't too thorough.
  5. I'm mostly ok with this. As I see it, it's not about getting an incomplete game, quite the opposite. We're getting the /full/ game because of the additional funding from the Steam Early Access, just now in two parts. But! What does concern me is that we won't get enough money from the Early Access. I don't know how many sales is needed to reach the goal, but.... what if it doesn't reach those goals? Will you have to cut down the rest of the game?
  6. Don't ever stop making these, they're great. Love the ship!
  7. Jag be coming from the country av Sweden! Dock så I much more gooder in English.
  8. I am in love with the one made by Petty. Reminds me of The Neverhood for some reason, which is only a good thing.
  9. I don't think that's true. I think skeletal animation can be good (the reason I made the thread), but here's a list of somewhat recent games using traditional animation. Games praised for their use of traditional animation: Skullgirls, Blazblue, The Whispered World T.V. resolution games using traditional animation: Disgaea 4, Braid Low resolution games using traditional animation: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Kirby Mass Attack The praised games make traditional animation seem like a special exception in video games, and they do have particularly good animation, but there are other games that just use traditional animation without much fuss being made. The lower resolution games use traditional animation in a way reminiscent of animation from 8-bit and 16-bit games. It's less common, but I think traditional animation still has a fair presence. That's... Exactly what I am saying. Are you sure you aren't qouting the wrong post?
  10. Frame by frame animation hasn't been practical in the games industry since... forever, really. Practically all animation nowadays uses keyframes, it saves time and resources and usually looks just as good. Expecting animators to draw a thousand frames per scene is just silly.
  11. The answer is of course Zebra. (No, but seriously. Dialogue trees are great, even better when they are as funny as the one in the Art Update)
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