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  1. Once again, 2PP did a fantastic job portraying the people and process behind the Double Fine Adventure. I'm very looking forward to the next episode! P.S.: Just watched "Reformat the Planet". You guys rock!
  2. No hard feelings indeed. I figured I wouldn't be the first one. Being a semi-pro photographer I suffered a severe case of temporary eye cancer by looking at your FREAKISHLY BLURRY PICTURES. Besides. I recognized most pictures obviously taken by others aren't that blurry at all. Maybe you were just trembling with excitement. :-) Relax. I just wanted to tease. :-D
  3. You, Sir, are one lucky dude! Congratulations on this once in a lifetime opportunity! And you should probably consider getting a decent camera. Escpecially, but not exclusively, next time you get invited to the DF Studios. :-)
  4. Thanks for sharing, Tim! I do love to write, but I've never given freewriting a shot. Since I am a very thoughtful person I tend to juggle with every word an sentence since it sounds just about right. Freewriting sounds like an almost impossible task for me. One question remains, though. Do you start to freewrite with an actual goal, like coming up with a story or idea for a game? Or do you just, you know, write and eventually come up with something useful?
  5. Zak McKracken on a friend's Commodore C128. Never played it through, though. My first "own" adventure game was The Secret of Monkey Island for my trusty AMIGA 600. *sighs*
  6. I'm enjoying each and every new article about the adventure development! Keep 'em coming! :-)
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