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  1. I'd rather hear it than not. Nothing I like better than going into the bug tracking system and marking something "Completed" or "Not a bug" because I already fixed it. Don't worry how your feedback is considered (useful or not), just give it. Even the best ideas given as feedback can be deemed "not useful" (in the submitter's POV) because a decision to go another way has already been made. It all matters though!
  2. As a developer, I appreciate feedback as soon as possible. I'd rather get suggestions/feedback/defects/bugs that I've already addressed than hearing at the end: "I figured you'd fix that." You see it, you don't like it, report it. Make no assumptions, what you see now can very well be what you get in the end. Don't assume anything more than what has been delivered or described. They were made this way for a reason: either as a placeholder, or a style, or as something to generate feedback. Just keep it positive, maybe it IS intended to be this way. Give suggestions on "their best work so far" and you can't go wrong.
  3. "Defrag" a game where a Boy and Girl do stuff in their separate and fragmented worlds, yet their stories, though decidedly different, echo one another... DFRAG: Double Fine Reds Adventure Game
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