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  1. [IDEA/REQUEST] PS<-->PC Save Transfer

    Dumb question from someone who never owned a console: does Steam interface in any way with the Playstation network?
  2. Minimum System Requirements are extremely high :(

    Yep, that would totally make sense... if anyone has an iOS device and followed the GBA4iOS querelle with Nintendo, they would know that sometimes big name companies DO care (sigh)
  3. Minimum System Requirements are extremely high :(

    Are you kidding me, right? I'm just one user case, there are hundreds of reasons why people would/must be stuck on 10.8 (ML), and it's absurd of Double Fine to exclude people who is running a 2 years old OS. Period.
  4. Same here. To my defense, I was 11 years old at the time, and every other time I later played through the game I knew the solution already... so, to me, I have no precise guess why the solution was not apparent, but I guess it was because I was thinking of a too complicate solution
  5. Minimum System Requirements are extremely high :(

    Forget my reasons, Mountain Lion is a modern and powerful OS and I still think it's crazy that Grim can likely run on 7+ years old hardware (judging how well it performs on my iMac which is 5yo) but not on a 2 years old OS...
  6. Minimum System Requirements are extremely high :(

    The difference is, the iMac is at my parents place (it's their computer now) meaning that in order to play Grim I specifically have to go visit them/use the iMac while they're not working on it (and they use it a lot) The OpenGL thing is actually pretty simple: Apple bundles graphical driver updates (& most other drivers fwiw) in its OS releases and updates, so they're not user-upgradable; OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is stuck at OpenGL 3.2, while Mavericks introduced 3.3+ drivers (depending on the video card) True dat, but still 10.8 is a 2012 OS, it's not like IT archeology (as I said I can't upgrade my laptop for personal reasons - very rare app compatibility issues - but I feel like I shouldn't be left behind like if I were on WinXP or Tiger/Leopard/heck, throw in even Snow Leopard...)
  7. Minimum System Requirements are extremely high :(

    Just my two cents on the title topic (premise: I know the team is actively working on this, but I just can't understand how they decided this was okay for 1.0) the minimum requirements REALLY are absurd, if I can play the game FLAWLESSLY on my low-end 2009 iMac, but can't play it on my top-of-the-line 2011 MacBook Pro only because it's stuck (for personal reasons) on 10.8 Mountain Lion (= OpenGL 3.1), which by the way is a 2012 Operating System. This really fails to achieve the "let's bring this long-lost game to modern players" goal, if a 2012 system isn't considered modern enough
  8. Thank you, but it needs a sequel! :)

    yeah, +1 on that!
  9. Thank you, but it needs a sequel! :)

    I'd LOVE an "expanded universe" sequel... Cannot be sure, but I think Tim would love to write it too! Now the problem is... would it be possible with Disney still owing the rights? The re-release was one thing, but this is a totally different ballpark I guess :'(
  10. I was wondering the same. Another special guest? +1
  11. is crouching necessary? (mouse problems)

    Super-kind, thanks! As soon as I have some spare time I'll try and progress a little more (OT: since there is no actual menu, is there any debug command -like the superspeed one- that "pauses" the game somehow?)
  12. Hello buds! After successfully installing LPBB in a Win7 VM on my MacBook Pro, I played a little bit and ended up being POTATOED by the buds after they POTATOED the house. Since I spent most of the time chatting with the pink buds pre-house, I'm pretty sure I have a lot more of the prototype to discover, but there is something that has been bugging me... I don't know if it's a problem with the mouse emulation in the VM, but I'm almost unable to crouch: when I right-click, no matter if I click-and-hold or single-click the right mouse button, the main character crouches and than stands up super fast. Am I supposed to be able to hold it and stay crouched? (and possibly poke things with the left-click while being crouched?) I feel like this is an important part of the prototype (since it's one of the three actions depicted in the mini-tutorial) and I'm missing out a chunk of gameplay. If this is the case (i.e. I'm "clicking it wrong") I think it depends on how Mac OS interprets mouse events and/or VMware Fusion passes them to the VM. Either way I guess I'm out of luck... Thus the big question: would it be possible to remap the crouching action to a key on the keyboard? This way I would be able to enjoy the "full LPBB experience" (if there even is something like that in the first place! ) Thanks!
  13. Prototype startup error (Virtual Machine)

    Also googling around for "MSVCR100.dll" I found a generic hint that copying the dll from Win/Sys32 to the game folder could help in some occasions... I tried that but got another error instead: Any help would be appreciated
  14. Hey guys! I really wanted to play this year's prototypes in a decent way, so instead of trying to use some WINE trickery on my MBP I set up a Win 7 virtual machine in VMware Fusion (boot camp was honestly out of the equation). The VM is working well and it got all the latest OS updates. When I try to run LPBB I get a System error saying the program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from my computer. After some googling I installed Visual C++ redist, rebooted and… nothing. Same error Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Brad is SO PERFECT you guys <3