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  1. Was there always a /Documents directory with tonnes of internal design documents or has that been included in this update by mistake or intentionally?
  2. I think it's great whenever devs include options so that everyone can enjoy the game, and I would love to see support for disabled gamers in the Double Fine adventure. I'm no expert in the field when it comes to how features should be designed around to make them accessible, but I've seen games in the past like Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV include options to slow down the game or even just make the player invincible just so they are able to explore the game world. Adventure games are already an attractive idea to a disabled gamer as they don't require quick reflexes (usually). If the game is able to be played at any pace then I imagine it should be fine. Making the game able to be played entirely with a mouse is also a plus if possible. Of course the game will have subtitles as has been stated - an audio descriptive feature where sound effects are displayed in text on the screen as they occur would also be helpful. I'd imagine being able to alter the size or colour subtitle text might also assist people with eyesight issues. Again, I am no expert in the field and have most definitely not brought up everything that makes a game accessible and I am just bringing this up in the hope that DF keep accessibility in mind during development.
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