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  1. IRON STYLE WHAT IT IS: A new manga anthology featuring the work of Brisbane based contributors. Contributors such as myself and my girlfriend. Iron Style will feature an original story written by myself and drawn by Karina entitled Die! Die! Die! Gonna Cut Off Your Head. It is the tale of a post-apocalyptic rock band fighting for survival and sweet jams in a world of raiders, mutant beasts and The Fuzz. (Damn! Just look at that sweet art!) WHAT YOU CAN DO: Head here and donate to help pay all the other contributors who help make this thing great. In return you can get not only this hella sweet new manga anthology but lots of other comics too! You can even get prints, shirts and art commissions! (PS It is being done on Pozible which is like Kickstarter for Australia)
  2. Also: Whatever happened to Loboto? Seriously. He just sort of...fell out of the tower? Did he die or survive to return another day?
  3. If only it were possible to have not just a Double Fine game but a Tim Shaffer game with some Manny and...uh...that guy from Full Throttle in there to (I forgot his name).
  4. Maybe for a quick cash grab Double Fine should make a Pyschonauts Kart Racing game. The sequel that people REALLY want.
  5. We are already up to five Monkey Islands. We can probably be cool on Monkey Islands for a while. But speaking of Monkey Islands, that Cave thing sure looks cool, huh? I AM GETTING OFF TOPIC.
  6. What about a Grim Fandango sequel? But with completely different characters and story...I just want to see more of that awesome world.
  7. Sorry, but I'm really not hearing it. He's quite clearly talking about the sales figures of Brutal Legend and then he talks about the sequel getting axed because they didn't sell 5 million copies or whatever.
  8. Isn't Tim talking about Brutal Legend at that point? So...isn't he talking about a Brutal Legend sequel?
  9. On the one hand, YES Whispering Rock shirts! On the other hand, BOO I have no money to buy them! Please keep them in the store for a while...please.
  10. I wouldn't mind if the sequel was about completely different characters (that were still Pyschonauts obviously). But saying that I would love to have a game where Lilly was the main character.
  11. As someone who just introduced his girlfriend to the joy that is Pyschonauts I am SO EXCITED to hear that Whispering Rock shirts are coming back to the store.
  12. Detailed graphics that need ridiculous specs to run (Am I the only poor soul here with 1GB of RAM? I can barely run Telltales stuff). Also: quests that keep sending you back and forth across the entire game just to pad out the play time.
  13. I'd love to see a remake just so more people get a chance to play it.
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