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  1. Jeez I thought there'd be far more creativity
  2. Ooooh close to the character limit there... It would have been awesome though.
  3. ...Sooo... how would that be phonetically pronounced? Goat-skrä Forb-nool (as in wool). A bit random, I know! It's related to a creative project I'm working on, and the other person involved is a fan of Tim Schafer adventures and DF as well (while he was unable to participate in the Kickstarter at the time I believe he's hoping to pre-order), and these words were bouncing around my head when I answered the survey.. so it felt right. Neat an creative, I love it
  4. Not in the proper forum methinks. But I feel that they have that particular rule so people would not be troll bait. However it should be properly investigated rather than banning the person being harassed right out.
  5. ...Sooo... how would that be phonetically pronounced?
  6. Awww I was hoping for more non profane creativity D:
  7. Ya know... 5 of those 9 options on the scissors seem like options Lorena Bobbit would use... But other than that I agree with you, a simple "use with" option is too simplistic. I also imagine if there was a full coin Tim could work his comedic magic on his game. Such as if you have those scissors and a cop is preventing you from advancing, you could use the put in option on the cop and a dialogue box would pop up which would say "I won't arrest you if you agree to never speak of this again..."
  8. Sure who doesn't allow pre-orders nowadays? They shouldn't be allowed anything above the $15 tier obviously. But maybe they could pre-order special editions of the game. Both a boxed and a digital download special edition would be available, it would include stuff like the documentary and maybe the soundtrack for the game.
  9. -Crazy symbols from a foreign language Methinks that could fall under unintelligible
  10. Obviously there are a great deal of people who decided to submit something silly for the credits. So my curiosity leads me to ask (after viewing the forums to see if someone else already posted it), what name did you submit for the credits? I submitted: Tacy, Queen of Laser Panthers.
  11. In my opinion it has something to do with the fact it was added in about halfway through the kickstarter.
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