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  1. It's awesome that you are "paying it forward" with open sourcing tools. Been playing Brutal Lengend at a high volume with my 5.1 system lately, great sounds! Sound quality and localization are more important for me than picture quality or size. So here are tools for sound folks (looking great), but I'm really interested how designing goes from there. There are no actual sound designers in core team? So will it be like "here is the game, make sounds for it" or how much Tim and other designers have an effect on selecting sound effects and music in game? Ok.. I'm going too ahead, carry on :cheese:
  2. I don't think that there can be too much discussion for this matter if it seems that it is one of the key elements of successful project or in many cases life or death issue for companies. I can guess that there are hundreds of game teams that failed just because they did not manage to organize their project properly. Persons in game projects maybe be often even little more difficult, artistic, free-souled and hardheaded than usual developers, designers etc?? Thats because they usually have more passion and personal interests in play. Tell me if I'm wrong. Whole product is more than the sum of the parts, they say. If I (hopefully) some day have bigger game project running, I'll get help from somebody that has this kind of experience. It is shame that internet is only full of success stories. Reading them is great, gives motivation and good spirit, but failure stories would be much more educating. If anyone here knows good stories about game project failing or problems link here please! Of why this sound so familiar, darn... We are doing under water game and I have made script that tries to move fishes realistic in 3D world. After many days hard work fishes are swimming ok, but not quite realistic I wish and I think that I'll fix that later and start working other things. Yeah, I'll get rash every time I'll hear these trendy words from mouth of company leaders or marketing guys. I think they really don't know the true meaning of these words and really don't know that will it make things any better for their companies... In example cloud services.. there has been learning material in Internet for decade now but now they call it cloud learning (it sounds even much more stupid in Finnish). Keep up the good work, I'm reading and learning
  3. Great info, thanks! It would be great to hear also about more about problems of used methods and how you deal with them. It cannot be problem free? Any big negative surprises? We are running small game project in our local University and we are using (very light version) Scurm also and it's great for us. We did not find any good sofware for it so we use Google docs spreadsheets. Great idea to mix (cursed) waterfall model to some parts of project. They say here in Finland that agile development is to blame for all the mess and delays in many big development projects nowdays (like new electric prescription system) so it seems that agile dev does not suite well for bigger projects. These posts are already totally worth of my money!
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