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  1. I agree 100% with you taumel. I think we were expecting a typical old school type adventure game, but instead got delivered something more akin to a story game. Maybe something just got lost in translation along the way and this is the unexpected result.
  2. And after hunting through the credits I now discover that my name didnt get mentioned in the credits as a backer =( I was a backer right from the beginning =((
  3. While I loved the art and the whole "vibe" of the game, I was left sorely disappointed after finishing the game. I became a backer of this game after seeing it was being produced my Tim and because Full Throttle is to date my favourite adventure game (I play it almost every 1 - 2 years). If i were to compare this to full throttle I almost have to wonder if it was the same person who made both these games - especially considering this game took 2 years to make! Maybe I know nothing about game development, but i cannot see how it took 2 years to develop so little. The story was clever and could have had a lot more depth, but the puzzles were severely lacking. The gameplay was shockingly poor - I basically spent the entire game going through dialogue trees. For the few puzzles that there were, i found them insanely easy. It almost feel as if this game was designed for children. I dunno - maybe I'm being overly critical after waiting for so long for this game. *sigh* I mean i played another game a short while ago called Machinarium and that was an amazing game I really enjoyed! I rate this game 5/10 which is a shame because the art was definitely a 9/10.
  4. Hi, I am using a Macbook Pro with Retina Display with OSX Mavericks. I experienced a game crash in Prima doom when Shey finally takes the controlls to capture the creatures in harm. Basically when it was entering the new scene the entire game crashed. Also, seem be to experiencing some animation issues when characters are walking around where they are "Blurred" / Double vision. Its a bit hard to describe.
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