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  1. It may or may not be for the Mega Drive (probably will be) and will most likely focus on the Tiger who wears a monocle and will ask such hard-hitting questions such as: why does he wear a monocle, does he really need to wear a monocle and how did his eyesight get so poor in the first place to require the usage of a monocle? Also, some new animals will be added to the mix such as an elephant that's a member of the Crips, a trash talking porcupine who wears a leather jacket and a hippo that wears a wifebeater stained in blood. A sequel to this classic fighting game has been in demand for a long time and with Double Fine behind it I'm sure the wait will have been very worth it.
  2. My Left Foot the game perhaps? I know Daniel Day Lewis is a huge Epic Quest fan.
  3. I could imagine a wacky first person shooter from Tim, something along the lines of Bioshock meets an episode of Three's Company.
  4. I except that kind of poor image compressing from Eidos, but Double Fine??
  5. I've got a great idea for a game about a sassy crocodile that I hope to one day get off the ground.
  6. Tim should just rename the next game 'Ninja Gaiden 2'. It doesn't matter if the game's not a sequel, about ninjas or that the title's already taken. I think the market's big enough for two Ninja Gaiden 2's.
  7. Grim Fandango has one of the best scripts ever written for a game so I pick that
  8. I know a guy named Rick and he and Tim Schafer are old friends (they even co-owned a club in the late 80's called "Ego") and I managed to get him drunk off of cranberry schnapps and drag some information out of him. He said the new game would take place in the seamy underside of Miami and would be about a talking speedboat who is hired by the police to go undercover to catch a yacht that runs the entire Miami underworld. It may sound like a comedy but it's not, it's a serious crime drama epic that asks the question "What if a speedboat was under a Mayan curse that allowed him to talk and then what if he was hired by the Speedboat Division of the Miami Police Department to go undercover to catch a yacht also under the same Mayan curse?" I guess in 2008 we'll finally find out the answer to that age-old question.
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