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  1. This is a complete compilation of the legends, it's so awesome to have this as a constant video, i'm not double posting am i? am i the first one to post this,i haven't been here for a few days. Oh and for those who helped me before with my eddie costume, thank you, it turned out alright, not perfect but it works. http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/26925
  2. it was surprisingly easy... and my hexttadon jump was lame... i bounced off of it's back... im going to try and do a better one ....
  3. I did it... it was reediculous, it only took me one try.... it was tastey. i rode the boar all of the way from where they are all of the way to the sea i had a couple of close calls but got it done.
  4. On eddie i have the love giver for shits and giggles, and the axe you get for the hunting missions, on the deuce i have the armor and all of that maxed out with The bolt thrower and subwoofers with the ace of hades paint job... i call it the crimson storm.
  5. I couldn't have said it any better myself, im still working on putting my mind back together though after it was blown. Is it strange that after a long play session with the game i have to take about an hour to think propperly again... the world just absolutely sucked me into it.
  6. ddeyou3


    i played from 3 pm to 12 am... with about one or two hours messing around with the multiplayer... i won my very first match... definitely need more practice though. Wont prolly be able to play again until tomorrow or friday sometime. I love the game in all of its awesomeness though.
  7. ...son of a ... you know i think that's the only thing i haven't tried...
  8. no not the bound serpents... the other statues... they have red glowing eyes
  9. but does any one know how to open the legend statues?
  10. got the call as well, i came home from my classes today, and my dad was like " some guy called for you talking about something and trading in games or something... and then he threatened to melt you face off" i kinda stood there and looked at my dad for a while, then got the idea in my head to check the caller ID and called the number back and i got the message... Great day...
  11. i reserved and paid it off...like 5 months ago... a week or two after the whole lawsuit thing hit the fan...i was confident that double fine would win because the there was no chance in hell activision would have won.
  12. well if that's the case... some little edutainment game my mom made me play way back in the first grade... i think it was called cluefinders... then a few years later my dad got a hold of this one game called red jack...it was somesort of pirate game... meh... i do remember seeing the boxes for some of the classic adventure games like grim fandango, and day of the tentacle and myst and all of them at the one computer store we always went to. I just never knew what they meant
  13. I think the game will have it's challenges, especially when surrounded by a bunch of enemies, i was playing the demo and flipped the Deuce and hooved it over to the feeding gate, and when i got attacked by two groups of nine cult demons, and one battle nun, i was haveing some trouble( i kept on using ground shaker to get them off of me) also a hate cage once crushed me with one stomp. i was also playing on brutal... and i just might play on brutal for the duration of the game.
  14. Ill go online when iv'e tackled most of the single player, or completely beaten the main story. I dont like to disrupt the flow too often. Plus the single player game usually trains you in some way for the multiplayer and allows you to get a feel for it.
  15. ok imma bout to drop a whole buncha stuff... So, like when i was six, i remember this dream where i was sitting on the living room floor of my apartment playing with ... idk some sort of electronic device... and like my whole family was sitting in our living room... watching t.v. ... then my aunt turns and looks out the front window that goes "oh looks like there's a storm " and then out of nowhere this giant black cloud hand reaches through the window... ya this was frightening enough when i was a little kid... it obviously stuck with me... another dream came just after a friend and I hiked through a large section of arches national park... rediculously unprepared and when we came back i fell asleep... in that sleep i dreamt about combat with the the Devil... the long and short of it is I won... funny thing was the area we hiked in was called the devil's garden. and last but not least lots and lots of zombie dreams... i had one reoccurring where i was running through my high school taking multiple paths fighting them off trying to get out of the school... then there was another one where i was pursued by nemesis from resident evil 3. There are numerous other dreams and nightmares but ya ...
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