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  1. It is sad not to see more programming updates, It is the only part I am truely interested in. Anyway, just in case someone wants to take a look (some feedback would be appreciated) at my work-in-progress open source 3D chess game: http://gnuchess.wordpress.com/descargas/
  2. This is fun but not very useful. I still want to see the whole A.I. process (I know we're not at that point yet).
  3. I would like to suggest "Shadow of the comet" and "I have no mouth and I must scream", I didn't saw them in any post and they are very good games.
  4. Jealous rednecks makig fun of free health care... enjoy your bills.
  5. 2D is better, but it would be nice to see a 3D "level" at some point when the character takes some magic mushrooms or something, something like Homer in "Treehouse of Horror VI"
  6. Thank you. Information about the A.I, Algorithms and Design Patterns will be more than appreciated.
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