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  1. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    Played through it again to see if I missed anything. found if you press up on the D pad you get a hat lol and pressing the back button puts you to sleep. Not sure what its for though. Still really enjoy it and hope we see a real game out of this one.
  2. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    This is it! This it the one I want made into a real game! It was so much fun and so well polished! I love the art, I love the mechanics. everyone on this team take a bow because you did such an amazing job. I ran into ZERO bugs, everything was very clear really good direction techniques. I still cannot believe the level of polish that was done in just 2 weeks.
  3. My playthrough of the prototype

    First I'll talk about what I liked. The scene when you pull down the bridge the correct way was really cool and some of her animations are pretty neat. Now for the bad. I wasn't able to beat it. It just kept bugging out for me at the end when I'm jumping for the claw and then I'd fall to the bridge and get stuck in let's do the bridge over again... got stuck in the ground another go and had to restart. So after about 30 min of trying to get somewhere I was frustrated and quit. I think the scale for this game as a prototype might of been too big as not enough time was spent on fixing the bugs.
  4. T-Shirts!!!

    Charcoal Grey makes the logo stand right out, which I love!