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  1. I've tested the game briefly on my 2011 Macbook Air at home and the game ran fine in Original mode, but I'm sorry to hear the menus aren't working! Intel HD 3000 is just below our min spec, so we might not be able to fix all of the problems with that system. But if you put this registry.sav file in the /Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Doublefine/GrimFandango/ folder, it should launch the game in Original mode, and hopefully be much more playable. Here's the updated registry.sav file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1489690/registry.sav
  2. I'm having problems with the map as well. At first I thought I also couldn't move the map cursor, but then it turns out that the wsad keys move the map cursor, and RF zoom in and out. But the sensitivity is so crazy high that it's impossible to move the cursor where I want it to go, I always overshoot it even when lightly tapping a button. Can you check to see if it's the same for you? My work around is to use my game pad for the map screen, but since other things about my crappy gamepad don't work I go back to the keyboard and mouse for the gameplay. Sensitivity is really high for me as well when I move with WASD. Zooming in and out is on R and F just like you said which is really odd. This bug will hopefully be solved soon. It turns out that the preferences got out of date after one of our patches, so resetting them should fix the map controls! You can either delete the prefs.sav file in AppData/Roaming/Doublefine/BrutalLegend, or go to the Options menu and press E to reset to defaults. If this doesn't fix the map, let us know so we can figure out if something else is going wrong.
  3. Sorry there wasn't enough of a warning before starting a new game! But all the saves on the system are per-user, so your original save data will be fine if you just switch accounts to start a new game. And you can always password-protect your original account if you want to make sure no one accidentally overwrites it
  4. I'll just post a couple of the cool ones I found so far, hopefully you guys can keep 'em coming :-)
  5. Well I'm glad to hear that it only affects the game when you open the cave paintings! I think I was able to reproduce your issue; it turns out that when the cave painting UI is up, it aggregates input from all input devices, not just the ones that are being used for gameplay. Fixing that should fix the cave painting display bug, so hopefully that can go out in a patch soon :-) As far as the Logitech Gamepad F310 goes, does the game respond to it all? One of the buttons (probably button number 10, which often is the analogue of the "Start" button on Logitech controllers) should be able to start the game from the "Press Enter" screen, but it might be a weird different button because of the unknown controller configuration. If that doesn't work, can you press any of the buttons in order to join the game while it is running? Or does it join the game if you plug in the controller while the game is running? If none of those are the case, then it might not work because you have too many gamepads plugged in - we support a maximum of four, including the one emulated from the keyboard and mouse. This limit wouldn't be easy to change, but if you can get the game to respond to your Logitech Gamepad by removing other gamepads, then we can look into how to ignore the other gamepads we don't care about. Thanks for your help!
  6. Sorry about that - we tried testing with a variety of common controllers, but unfortunately we don't have any joysticks or racing peripherals to test with, so some things might have slipped through the cracks! First, which platform are you on, Windows or Mac? We use Microsoft libraries for input processing on Windows, but we use SDL on Mac, so I'm guessing the behavior could be quite different. Also, what exactly do you mean by "goes completely bonkers?" Does the page constantly flip, as if the brake pedal is constantly sending input to the Cave Painting screen to shift which character's paintings are in view? Lastly, controllers only possess characters and can play the game if they press an actual button (rather than an axis, such as a trigger or joystick, which I'm assuming brake pedals would map to), so hopefully you're not seeing any characters accidentally possessed. If they are, which most likely means that your peripheral is constantly sending button input events, then there might not be anything we can do other than blacklist your specific peripheral. Assuming no one wants to play The Cave like a racing game ;-)
  7. I think I would still stick with top-down 2D for the prototype, since it would allow the scope to stay small (no 3D assets or camera debugging), and it would preserve the classic stealth game feel. But even if I had unlimited resources to make a smell-based stealth game, I'm not sure 3D would lent itself that well to the types of spatial puzzles that the gas simulation created. It seems like it's a bit easier for people to predict how gas flows in 2D than in 3D, so that might make levels too hard to design or beat. But you have a good point about the player not necessarily knowing exactly where the smell radius is - I think this could be made up for by having some more advanced AI that has more sensitive smelling, or certain areas of the office where your smell lingers longer. My very first iteration of the game had the smell rendered as a smooth gradient, but that made it way too hard for new players to figure out the subtleties of avoiding coworkers - so there's some balancing to be done in that area for sure.
  8. Well there are plenty of great writers here at Double Fine, so the story could still go in any number of directions! I was personally saving the mysterious burrito as a plot device for escalating the situation to be even more intense. You might have escaped most of the secretarial floors of your office building, but what happens when you try to escape the government sector? Why are you still so unnaturally smelly? Perhaps that burrito contained some biochemical agent that some would try to use for evil... You are a living weapon, cursed by society by your smell, crippled by angry bowels, and now hunted by unknown powers. Think about it.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I totally agree with you, and I think while the 8-bit tears add a good amount of humor, I have gotten a lot of feedback about people not wanting to play as a total loser. I think a key aspect of a real prototype would be expanding on the motivation and context - it could be a nice, clean guy who had a really unfortunate accident, and he's using his wits to outsmart mean coworkers. Right now, the levels are short and hard enough that it feels more like the main character is constantly getting berated and humiliated, and that doesn't always feel fun. That's exactly what I was going for with this pitch The stereotypical office parody is a goldmine for the types of characters in this game - there could be germophobes who always run away, neat freaks who hunt you down vigilantly, smelly coworkers who you can use as moving cover, jaded clerks who you can convince to shelter you, security brutes who can be defeated with enough stink, etc. And the writing was my favorite part of the pre-prototype, so the internal monologues and ramblings of the coworkers could definitely be ramped up.
  10. By the way, this is the really rough pre-prototype I mentioned in the pitch video: http://www.notranslation.com/files/smelly/. It only has a few mechanics and some really crude programmer art, but hopefully it gets the basic idea across!
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