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  1. I may also add that all the episodes can be downloaded in much higher quality than Vimeo or YouTube provides (and he should have known this). And yes, episode 20 is already available!
  2. Oh no! I just don't understand why all those people want vertical boxes! I already have boxes in different sizes (and shapes) so why not another one if it suits better. Change me vote to this! I love it! Though, I would totally understand if it's cost prohibitive to make. Maybe a hexipal face on the back? I just realised for Hexipal it needs to be rotated by 30 degrees. Collectors gonna hate this... :-) But I'm all for a Hexipal box, bring it on!
  3. Definitely horizontal because of the art! And when the box is in the shelf with other (vertical) boxes there is no difference. Btw, I immediately thought of the box of Afterlife, this would be an interesting option too! (horizontal of course)
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