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  1. All of those pictures are amazing, I love the style of your art.
  2. I voted for Primordial Slime, mainly because that's the one game that after I watched the pitch I would have bought from the Google store if it had been available. It looked like the idea was designed specifically for tablets.
  3. I limited myself to voting for six games, so I thought I'd list them and why I picked them. Kaiju Piledriver was probably my favorite one, it had a cool pitch, and it's a game I'd really like to play if it was done well. I loved the old Rampage games, and there were interesting aspects in the development pitch, I especially loved the idea of the monsters being people in rubber suits like the original movies. My second favorite was Spacebase DF-9, because the pitch was really well done and it's a game that I'd want to play. The only possible problem is that it's really ambitious for a 2 week development cycle. My third fav is Black Lake, simply because the art is absolutely gorgeous, and the premise of the game sounds really interesting. I'm not sure what the gameplay would be like, but some of the other concept sketches the developer posted in the thread looked promising. After that, it gets a little harder to rank them. I really liked the pitch for Primordial Slime, and I'd love to flick it around to solve puzzles on my tablet. Flopulous also looked cool, but what sold me was the demo. I could see playing the game, and I think it had a much higher chance of being successfully developed than a lot of the other games. Silent but Deadly was another game that sounded fun, but the demo was great. Even at its limited level, I had tons of fun playing the short game, and I could see a lot of interesting stuff being in the game if it was further developed with a team from Doublefine. The other games that I didn't mention that were at the top of the voting either didn't catch my interest, or I thought that they couldn't be successfully developed in two weeks. Pretty much all of the game pitches sounded really interesting though, (I wish the videos were a minute long instead of 30 seconds), and this whole process is great. I'm sure whatever develops from this process will be a lot of fun to play.
  4. I voted for you there, I think your game would be awesome to play on my Nexus 7.
  5. This game makes me wish there were going to be 6 games chosen instead of 4. But there's still time and Kaiju Piledriver's fortunes could change.
  6. You know, it's too bad this isn't doing really well in the voting, as it has a great demo that shows the game could really work (though I wish I was using a controller instead of a keyboard). I love the pitches of some of the other games, but I really don't know if they could be successfully made, especially in two weeks. I wonder how many people are checking out the forums, as it'd be great if on the voting page there was a link to try out the game.
  7. I totally agree with you, and I think while the 8-bit tears add a good amount of humor, I have gotten a lot of feedback about people not wanting to play as a total loser. I think a key aspect of a real prototype would be expanding on the motivation and context - it could be a nice, clean guy who had a really unfortunate accident, and he's using his wits to outsmart mean coworkers. Right now, the levels are short and hard enough that it feels more like the main character is constantly getting berated and humiliated, and that doesn't always feel fun. That's exactly what I was going for with this pitch The stereotypical office parody is a goldmine for the types of characters in this game - there could be germophobes who always run away, neat freaks who hunt you down vigilantly, smelly coworkers who you can use as moving cover, jaded clerks who you can convince to shelter you, security brutes who can be defeated with enough stink, etc. And the writing was my favorite part of the pre-prototype, so the internal monologues and ramblings of the coworkers could definitely be ramped up. All of that sounds great, thanks for the response. Regarding the first part of your comment, it could mess with the game, but your Avatar could have food poisoning, but they have a phobia about defecating in the bathroom at work, so they're trying to escape the building and drive home while they're uncontrollably farting. Then if they're caught they crap their pants in horror, which makes it even worse for them.
  8. This was one of the best pitches, so it immediately earned my vote. So do you think there will be random catastrophes like other sim games that will throw the player's plans in the shredder? There's probably some interesting crazy things that could be thrown at the player with the sci-fi spaceship setting.
  9. This could actually be pretty awesome, you've got my vote.
  10. Hm, the demo was interesting, but it was a little tough/annoying to control the blob. What kind of challenges would the player face in the game, is there anything other than environment destruction to solve the puzzles?
  11. This looks interesting, but I'm not sure how difficult it'd be to achieve the different moves. Also, would there be different modes, like story mode, a zen mode, and whatnot.
  12. The tactile feel of the slime in the video clip looked like it'd be really fun to play on a tablet. After that, it'd really be up to the the puzzle design to see how great the game could be. Still, it seems like the game would be right up my alley, so I voted for it.
  13. Your beautiful art earned my vote, but I'm having a little trouble visualizing what the gameplay would be like.
  14. Wow, that was actually really fun, even at the state it's currently in, you've definitely got my vote. I did have a few ideas after playing it though, like that it could be cool if you could actually attack the people searching for you. For example, when you fart multiple times in front of a fan, it could actually knock out the bosses/co-workers. I liked the poo part of it, even though it's unrealistic, it added another interesting dimension/strategy, but the poo could also be used to maybe disguise your own smell. Also, instead of a shower or along with it, you could maybe include cologne/perfume bottles, that would give the character a french bath and alter your stink for a bit. One more thing, I'm not sure if they should be so active in searching you out, or rather it might be interesting to have different types enemies, co-workers that are more passive but will still search out your smell, and bosses that actively search it out and run at you. Actually, I have one last thing, I'm sure it's not too present in the pre-prototype, but the game would be awesome if there was more humor as there's a lot of possiblities for jokes here. Overall, that little game gave me a a lot of fun, so thanks for posting it and good luck.
  15. This was one of my favorite pitches, it sounds really fun. Good luck!
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