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  1. Try putting your email in here https://www.humblebundle.com/store/keyresender The keys were distributed via the humble store
  2. Yes, yes, I'm aware, I was just trying to guess the sales number from concurrent users... A futile exercise, I know... Yeah I guesstimated 15-20k but honestly doccolinni brings up a good point about the length of the game, it could actually be quite a bit higher since people aren't sitting there playing it for 100+ hours like Skyrim or other games.
  3. Doesn't sound too brilliant indeed... I hear many saying "oh, I'll just wait for the hole thing", which I think is a sensible approach. I just hope a lack of sales won't compromise the development of act 2.... Then again, we can only guess at the actual sales number. That's just the max concurrent users. Skyrim sold ~1.5 Million on PC in the first few weeks and had a max concurrent user count of ~320k. So they could have sold 20k, 30k, shit 50k you don't really know from the SteamCharts for sure, but I would say the low number is probably not a good sign regardless, I would guesstimate that they have sold around 15-20k but this is just pulling it out of nowhere really, just my experience with SteamCharts and publicly released sales numbers for games in the past.
  4. If you can't find it try going to https://www.humblebundle.com/store/keyresender and entering your email there and it should send you the link
  5. Hiya TNG, long time no see I am gonna have to start wasting time on Halforums again, I miss that place.
  6. Not 100% sure but I assume it's Google Analytics. Moai cloud would normally track crashes and give feedback on how long people are taking to finish puzzles but that service was shut down so they used GA for that instead.
  7. Why? You don't need to use the site, you are not it's target audience. It's not hurting anything. Some people are religious and they may want to know how the game is in terms of their moral and belief system bro.
  8. And yet Daedalic Entertainment can produce multiple titles of comparable quality, longer game length, and with high quality hand drawn art in one year. They too are a small company, of a similar size yet Double Fine cant even manage to complete their primary game in two years. Sorry your argument doesn't hold water. Tim f**ked up, couldn't manage the budget, and lied about the game being made. Their art is not on the same level at all, Deponia and Edna and Harvey compared to the art in this game is like comparing a used Yugo to a Ferrari. I do really love the art in Whispered World though so I will give you that one.
  9. QQ moar plz You seriously underestimate how much time and effort it takes to design your own engine (Yes they used the Moai framework but that isn't a whole engine) and then the hand drawn art. Hand drawn art is quite expensive and takes a lot of time. Most people are finishing in the 4-5 hour range from what I have seen so you are really good I guess. Which is still short but I think, but it was still a blast with a great engrossing story and lovable characters, it could have been longer and harder (heh) but it was still a good game regardless and hopefully the 2nd half will be just as good. Totally worth the $30 I backed, I realize some people backed hundreds of dollars but that's your own conscious decision, you took a risk and invested, sometimes investments don't turn out as favorably as you would like but that's life bro.
  10. I assume the dialogue is in either the data.pck or pdata.pck file in the game directory, if you could figure out how to actually open these you could edit the dialogue. They seem to be a proprietary format they made for the game? But if you could open them then you could for sure at least have a guide on how to open them, then have the translations in a file the way however they store the dialogue, and have a guide for putting the translated lines in to the pck. If you distributed the pck file yourself you may put yourself in danger of infringing on their copyright by redistributing their work without permission.
  11. Mostly yes. I wouldn't have minded having a few verbs to make the puzzles a bit harder, but the one unified action key/click also works just fine too.
  12. If I try to disable full screen the game crashes I'll have to get the crash log and post it later or something. Edit: I tried switched compatibility mode off, turning off fullscreen, switching back to compatibility mode and switching to fullscreen, still crashes regardless if you try to switch between Fullscreen/Windowed in 95 or 98 for me. Minidump from 95 mode trying to switch off fullscreen: http://nickseemann.com/tmp/psychonauts_601_crash_2014_1_19T23_18_18C0.mdmp
  13. So I changed to 95 comparability mode (also tried 98) to get rid of crashes all the time and it seems to make fullscreen not work properly anymore. I get this: http://i.imgur.com/8M4UgaD.jpg Specs: Windows 8.1 64 Bit i5 760 - 2.8 Ghz Quad Core 8 Gb RAM GeForce GTX 560 Full dxdiag.txt: http://pastebin.com/J7gqZ942
  14. I can't find any whois info on gripped.biz but a cursory search for of their IP shows that it is hosted by CloudFlare, so Double Fine may be able to contact them with copyright complaints. Also a search of the gripped.biz site brings up some forum threads about malware and it has a very poor rating on Web of Trust.
  15. Yeah a 2nd Kickstarter would be bad news. If someone from Double Fine could "accidently" leaked what merchandise in their store has the highest profit margin I would consider maybe buying some of those items to help fund development, because there is a ton of stuff I want there but I can't buy it all.
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