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  1. Thank you Tim and everyone else at Double Fine! This is maybe my favorite game from you guys since Psychonauts. Loved the twist at the end, I didn't see it coming despite all the clues that seem obvious in retrospect. Can't wait to see how everything fits together in Act 2. Also I hope we get to revisit some of the side characters that maybe didn't get enough screen time as I liked such as Harm'ny and Marek.
  2. Hello, I've just started the game and noticed a few times that I wasn't hearing some lines of dialog. One spot in particular is the train in Shae's world when the orange sock puppet is talking. I think this has to do with my surround sound headphones. I use Logitech's G930 headset which has an optional feature to simulate 5.1 channels. When this is enabled I can't hear the dialog, but when I flip it off I'm able to hear it again.
  3. Hack n' Slash - Voted. Interesting concept and there's a lot you can do to subvert genre conventions here. The hacking mechanic promises to be original and authentic. Spacebase DF-9 - Voted. The only simulation driven game. Sim City in space with aliens just sounds amazing. I want to be Commander Sisko. The White Birch - Voted. I liked the influences of Ico and Journey. But man does this basic concept sound a lot like this game: Toren Autonomous - Voted. Sounds like Klei's upcoming Don't Starve but in 80s scifi. Black Lake - Voted. I actually liked this more than White Birch because it added in that Psychonauts flavor and was more Shadow of the Colossusesque. Kaiju Piledriver - Voted. Roguelike brawler could be pretty cool even though I generally don't like brawlers. No one has done a full on giant monster themed game in a while. Milgrim - Didn't vote. The Dungeon Keeper concept in a 2d Mario style game just didn't appeal to me. Bragging & Fighting - Voted. Really liked this spin on the classic RPG. The Knockover - Voted. Although it didn't seem like much of a video game, a card game with this theme would be quite cool. Silent But Deadly - Didn't vote. No real game should be one long poop joke. CritterVerse - Didn't vote. There's enough Pokemon clones out there. See Insomniac's Outernauts. (Although the puzzle spin could be interesting.) Echelon - Voted. Cool mixed media and nice theme. The Flock - Voted. Just sounds nice and relaxing, seeing flocking algorithms as the core mechanic in a video game would also be cool. I guess like Hothead's Swarm. Bad Golf - Voted. Fun goofy concept. The world needs more goofy sports games. Battle Bros - Didn't vote. Just not enough meat to the concept here, didn't explain the roguelike elements. At least Kaiju Piledriver had a more unique theme. Primordial Slime/Flopulous - Didn't vote. More than enough physics driven goop based puzzlers out there, none of them are particularly great. Cloud Prix - Didn't vote. Too esoteric, not clear how cloud surfing would actually feel like. Redbot's Reboot - Didn't vote. I love comp sci themed games but simple robot programming has been done to death and is usually not very interesting. Turk - Voted. Seems like just a simple puzzler but I have a soft spot for vision themed games as well. Shine Run - Voted. Fun concept. Zumbi Chained - Voted. Just the theme and the use of capoeira were interesting, mechanically sounded a little unwieldy though. Double Fine High - Didn't vote. Love the concept of a mashup game from Double Fine, but I don't think a puzzle fighter game like this is the best way to utilize the characters.
  4. Really enjoyed the prototype. Ever since I quit World of Warcraft I've been hankering for a coop vs large raid boss style game but without the hours of MMO grinding. I'm surprised it's taken this long for a developer to jump on that concept but I'm glad Double Fine is the one to finally do it. I really like the tone and style of Brazen and the different combat mechanics for the different classes are quite satisfying. For a while I thought the Waracle was a little underpowered but then I realized that you could double charge her shots and that totally changed the way I was playing. I haven't tried coop yet but I do hope that in the final game that it's not just a brawler with a loot grind and that you require real coordination like in raids in order to defeat the monsters.
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