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  1. I don´t necessary think it´s the PS3 system update that's messing things up, but you never know.
  2. Hello dear something/someone. Playing on European PS3, the fat one (PS2 backwards compatible) My first playthrough I played as the: Twins, Knight, Adventurer. I finished the game/cave without a problem, got som trophies and so on. My second playthrough I played as the: Hillbilly, Scientist, Time Traveller. SPOILER ALERT ahead, a small one. On the Hillbilly specific section the game freezed up (with looping sound) right after I lit the haybales with the lighter and tried to walk out of the Hillbilly section. It happened multiple times, the soultion for that, I found was to walk back a bit and then the haybales burned up and I could walk to next section. SPOILER ALERT, Cancelled Got the 4.40 PS3 system update. Then The Cave said it had an update. When the Cave did it´s installer thing I saw it said The Cave:Trial. I thought it sounded a little weird, but hey - The Cave, it´s a little weird/funny. But then not so funny when I started the game, it had no Continue on the main menu. All my saves were gone. Anyone else that has had this problem? Is there a solution for this shit, cause it really sucks. Best regards Burger-Man
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