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  1. Try to use the humble code resender, even if you have an humble store account ( https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender ). It send me a link to my broken age backer site with the ability to unlock it on steam.
  2. MrCoo


    Awesome! I still remember the prototype and can't wait how this develops. (early access bought)
  3. You got my blessing to go multi game. Having ambitions makes stuff great in general, so I'm actually happy about this. Also video games happen !
  4. The best thing would be if ESC would first pause the cutscene and then gave you the option to skip with space.
  5. Hi, I voted for the following games: Spacebase DF-9 - The pitch sounded like something I would like to play. I liked Startopia and a different take on space base management could be interesting. It's maybe a bit too ambitious for a fast prototype, but the stars are the limit, right? (+ J.P. has the wiiiiizzard - bioshock whatever bonus) The White Birch - I liked the mood. Black Lake - I liked the mood (again), which hinted at an interesting game story. Kaiju Piledriver - Sounds like an awesome concept + Brad Muir Autonomous - Concept sounds interesting + great concept art that hinted at an interesting aesthetic (I call it the Lee Petty art bonus) The Knockover - The mechanics sound like they could be interesting and I'm a sucker for heist games. Bragging & Fighting - (again) The mechanics sound like they could be super fun and interesting. Especially the the interplay of bragging and fighting. That's it. Greets Julian
  6. Dear god, they are getting better and better. The kickstarter was worth it for the episodes and side quest so far alone.
  7. I'm not sure anymore if it was Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or The Day of the tentacle.
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