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  1. Tim Schafer said 'Hi' to me once, and now 10 years later he doesn't remember me anymore. Talk about self-centered.
  2. Woooohooooo!!! I just noticed it too. Psychonauts 2 here we come! :coolgrin:
  3. Btw it's funny to see almost everyone only made notes for the shoe-puzzle and the rewiring. I feel bad for the people who made all those notes about the knots, especially you geekdragon. I really respect your perseverance and determination! And chart skills
  4. My little scribbles: I'm soooo happy I wasn't the only one doing that. It made the - in the end quite simple - puzzle unnecessary difficult and time-consuming. From your notes I could tell you were also intruiged by the locations underneath . Curse you hallways! And myself for not listening to the small voice of reason in my head saying 'now why would some randomly coloured stuff in hallways say anything about the wiring of hexipals?'
  5. I want to share my enthusiasm here as well. Thank you DF!! It's in the middle of the night here and I've just been playing part 2 some more. And I'm having so much fun! The characters shine and the dialogue is great. Getting stuck, thinking, solving. And I'm not even done yet, more to enjoy the next couple of days. Yay! Stay light y'all
  6. Haha, cool! I think I'm gonna go for this achievement as well, I actually liked those old tank controls. They only let me down around elevators, but I hope that bug's fixed now. I'll try the new controls when I play the remastered version a second time. Just great that Grim's back!!
  7. Maybe I should try some text adventure after all. This is fun . But I think I'll first learn some more out-of-the-box thinking from the experts here.
  8. So cool to still learn new stuff about this game! It certainly does make more sense now. At least to me. And TimeGentleman .
  9. HOF = Hour of Fun, basically a company wide playthrough of current projects. Thanks for the quick reply and clarification!
  10. Great update! Btw can anyone tell me what 'HOF' stands for? I forgot.
  11. Alex talked about Steel Bunting and how it once was this town of tough 'soldiers'/people who could fight (didn't they shoot his spaceship down?) I'm not sure anymore whether it was explicitly stated that Sugar Bunting used to be Steel Bunting, but that was always my assumption, especially with the comments and fighting spirit of gramps. So I expect some more info on that score, how the fighters became bakers, and maybe they'll make the transition back as well?
  12. Really with you on this one. Well, up to a certain amount of obtuse puzzles, I get the impression you're a little bit more patient than me on that score . Riven is definitely my favourite in the series, as the puzzles are so cleverly integrated in the environment, the story and the culture of the people in whose world you 'appear'. To me it was a very REAL, believable world, in which your way forward is not obstructed by some randomly placed sliding puzzle, but a natural consequence of the surroundings and contraptions. Followup Exile is much weaker I think, with the clearly separated three puzzle-worlds (with nothing BUT puzzles) that you have to go through before going on to the grand finale. To my amazement this was deliberately done by the studios (Presto at that time), because apparently there were a lot of people that disliked not knowing how much they progressed in Riven's story. My amazement was therefore actually more about these people than the studios . What they considered annoying I thought the very core asset of why Riven was so good. It was a real world, created to be as lifelike as possible, and if you'd ended up there for real there wouldn't have been a nice overview of your progress either. I was thinking about this as well last week. And thinking "yeah, maybe we should have some more items in Broken Age's inventory to make it more difficult". But for the past week I've been playing Myst IV Revelation and the gameplay is so simple. You can either click a button or pull a handle, you don't collect anything in your inventory. And still it's a decent puzzle/adventure game. For me it shows that you really don't need all those verbs from the past or a cluttered inventory to make a difficult game. Even though in the end I do prefer adventures with interactions with other people, Myst and Riven are definitely classics to me. They have a nice story, good puzzles, immersing worlds. Oh, and a great soundtrack. That's enough classic point and click for me I don't want to make this into a 'all-hail-Cyan-thread', just note quickly as a last remark that I'm looking forward to this as well!
  13. All this world to explore and still we wonder what's just around the corner, the places that we can't reach . I share your enthusiasm Juanique in wanting to see more of Grim! And yes, also in particular of the festival. During my first playthrough I was for quite some time pretty obsessed with the "crates that are completely blocking the sidewalk. What if there were a fire!" Which led me to think (in the mindset of desperately wanting to join the festival and in not really grasping Manny's message) that I had to set the things ablaze myself to clear the path. Alas, I only found a fire-extinguisher. Sigh. Olivia's door was intruiging in another way, since it was impossible to see whether it only led to a tiny room/office, or that it was a hallway to a larger room. It actually sounds kind of dull now I'm writing it down. Perhaps there was some logic in not being able to go there anyway . However, I know there's someone on this forum who feels the same way, he or she suggested it as an option for a world in Broken Age: 'Whatever's behind Olivia's door'. Made me laugh . The cat track left me less traumatised when I discovered you can see some cats 'racing' if you wait long enough for it on the balcony/overview next to the ticket offices. It was just for a couple of seconds and they were tiny (as you're standing far away), but they were there. Anyway. Sweet memories (for the time being!) aside. It will be great to see Grim after it's makeover and polish! I don't think there will be any more game content nor do I really want it. Some things are better left to the imagination I think . But maybe some cool merchandise to go with it? I'm thinking: a special package with the soundtrack, or some art-stuff or posters.
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