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  1. Same here (not that fast though - 26 minutes). I can also confirm that if you click "View All Achievements" under the play button on the library screen or "Achievements" tab under the right-hand sidebar it takes you to your steam profile instead of a achievements page. The "Game Hub" tab redirects you to the store's main page.
  2. Or by their appropriately retro names: Berzerker 2.0 (<30 minutes) Robo-Star (<60 minutes) Automa-Tron 3000 (<15 minutes) (it all showed up after rebooting steam)
  3. A 3.2MB update just went out ~8:30 EST. Apparently the Autonomous Prototype now has three achievements associated with it - the summary page doesn't show (yet) It'll be interesting to see what they are.
  4. Hopefully by then, the boss fight with Psycho Mantis went a little better. For another non-traditional adventure puzzle, I got stuck in Silent Hill 2. I spent hours wandering back and forth trying to figure out how to dislodge an item from the trash chute ("I've got a knife, why can't I poke it free?"... other consequences to that) I got the pretty obscure chemistry/biology based ones in Silent Hill 3 without a second thought, but for whatever reason "throw juice cans down chute" just didn't click.
  5. If you start from the beginning of the library - then look at the plaques next to the staircases, you should only go up when one of the plaques matches a given line in the note. The third line is the book title.
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