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  1. I was just wondering, with the other two of Tim's remastered trilogy games having been released on iOS, are there any plans to release Full Throttle Remastered to iOS as well? ?
  2. I'm kind of wondering the same thing here. Would it be possible for DF to set a fixed price or mark the contents of the package as a gift when it ships so that the local customs fee could be avoided? If it creates a hell of a mess with your tax-reports, then never mind us silly non-US type folks. :-P
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the info. :-) Unfortunately, my imaginary dog ate all the s'mores I offered, but I'll whip up a new batch for you guys at a later time.
  4. Hi. In the survey I'm asked if I want the documentary in Blu-Ray or DVD? Normally, I'd yell out Blu-Ray before you'd even get to give me my options, but in this case I'd like to know if the Blu-Ray disc will be region-free before I choose? Seeing as I live in Norway(that's in Europe, guys!), my player(a PS3, if you must know) will not be able to play BR discs that are region coded to region A. If the BR version will be region-free, then I'll be a very happy camper and might even invite you guys over for s'mores.
  5. Thanks! But which one? The usual: We print many of our designs on American Apparel's 2001 (unisex size chart) and 2102 (women's size chart) shirts, which are 100% fine jersey cotton. The 50/50: Shorthand for 50% cotton / 50% polyester, these American Apparel BB401 (unisex size chart) and 2102 (women's size chart) shirts are quickly becoming our favorite garments. They're thinner, lighter, and a little longer than their 100% cotton counterparts. Tri-blend: A mix of 50% polyester / 25% cotton / 25% rayon, these American Apparel TR401 (unisex size chart) and TR301 (women's size chart) garments are a soft, vintage-feeling fabric with a cut/weight similar to the 50/50. Btw, the shirt I´m wearing on my avatar is Medium in UK, which in america is Small. LOL. So I never wear it because it´s to tight for me. I ordered online and paid a lot thinking it would fit me well... but no. At least it got used for the profile pic. All three unisex charts are the same and all three women's charts are the same. ;-)
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