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    Former telecommunication specialist that worked 10.5 years and had the desire and opportunity to pursue my passion of making video games. I have always been fascinated by the worlds and technology involved in making video games, and after a long time at a career that seemed to stall and any chance for advancement was slim. I decided to go back to school and studied at DeVry University, and received a Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming. While at DeVry I got hands on with gam
  1. Farmer type: sort of like the Fire Emblem type, where they do little damage, but after the battle you get a lot more vegetation for crafting. Could also be used as a healing type class, by giving out food during the battles to replenish vitality to the fighters around them. Miner type: able to fortify himself for a few turns, a.k.a hunker down, by digging a trench to protect himself. Also has better vision at night (if that is a fog of war type factor) do to being in caves for long periods. Priest type: Almost no attack power, and very fragile armor wise, but increases the moral of the surrounding units tremendously. If killed then the units around the priest are unable to act for a couple turns due to grief.
  2. I do like the idea of random battles occurring when you are planning and having to deal with them whether you are ready or not. But not the timer mechanic between battles. To me that takes away the turn based feel of the game. Another thing I thought of would be character model aging. After watching some of the XCOM stream other races where brought up, and I agree with Brad and John about how that might be too much for the art department and thought that each character could have at least three age states for character model, spry youth, peak adult, and the "I'm getting too old for this."
  3. I did too but found myself grinding out random battles with my troops instead of getting the next story item that I needed to advance the story. But if each battle had that time associated with it there would be little need to grind a bunch of battles to upgrade your knights before fighting the story battle. Instead the grind would be in the stats and buffs that the experience of battle would do to the bloodline of that knight. I guess there could be an equivalent giant hologram globe that was used in XCOM that presented the passage of time. There could be a giant map table in the war room of the castle that could function as that, so then you would be free to spend all the time moving people around and building other research spires and attending marriages. Then when you want to advance the time you can activate the map table to search for the next battle.
  4. After watching the design chat with Brad and John I have some ideas about the aging mechanic that they mentioned when talking about game length. About how some players would want a longer game 20+ hours and others would want a shorter game 6-8 hours. I had the idea what if battles took a certain amount of time or just some "story" battles. This war is hundreds of years or so long so you know that you will not be able to have one of your starting characters make it to the end game. Lets say for example each battle took 1 year's time, that would have hundreds of battles for you to manage. But if you made the battles take longer say 5 years, or better wording might be 1 battle in a 5 year span, then the total number of battles would go down. Thus the number of battles would also dictate the age of the characters. Looking at age instead of battles would work the same. Let's say a character is battle ready at age 18. The average life age back then was probably in the high 30's. But lets make the fighting age of warrior's 18-50 which if we had each battle take a years time would give each character potentially 32 battles. So if this war lasted 200 years that would be about 7 generations to fight that war. So my thought would be to be able to allow players to chose the length of game, that would change that value of battles per year span, and thus giving the player more or less battles to play. Anybody else have any thoughts on how this might be implemented to give the varying game lengths that people might want? Sorry if I rambled some.
  5. After watching a lot of the livestream, and all of the 2PP videos this cements Double Fine as my favorite developer. The openness that is shared with the team members that are on Twitter along with Tim and all his antics are some of the reasons you guys received all the love from us during this and DFA. The only problem I see in the aftermath is Tim. After playing all of the prototypes and seeing the desires from all the team members on the stream and 2PP videos. All of the prototypes are soooooo gooood that Tim holds the power to grant us all what we want. And that is for all of these prototypes to be made into games. Regradless of publisher support or not. And side note, as someone who decided to go back to school to learn programming and game design the 2PP videos and archived livestream are great resources to learn from for anyone interested in that area. Joe
  6. I agree, and the sheer number of aspects that are right in this prototype far outweigh the few glitches I have noticed. Those few glitches or omissions I understand that in a two week time period things have to be prioritized. But after following the development on the stream I just want to say a big "Thank You and Great Work to the White Birch team. There was just something that felt right about Double Fine doing an "Ico" inspired game.
  7. How about those releases be scenarios like in the SNES version of SimCity. You start a scenario unrelated to your main game and have to accomplish a set of goals. And to go with the alpha side of this thread, the people that buy into the alpha get the first "season" of scenarios with their purchase free while others that wait will have to buy the season. And for those that have the scenarios downloaded those assets can show up in the main game of base building.
  8. Having just finished a playthrough of Black Lake. I agree with some of the people there that said having other animals or people in the forest to interact with would help if this game is picked. There seems to be lots of areas to explore already in the level as I found myself sometimes aimlessly wandering around. Also thought of a way that might help players that do get lost, instead of using the sleep return to last clue, how about using some animals to guide you back to another clue. Almost like a bread crumb trail of say crows. If you approach the crow it will fly away, but another will land further in the forest guiding you to the path. While not coming out and telling the player this. Another idea I had after reading the post about the planned stealth parts, how about a song that can call on a group of animals like squirrels that will run past you and lure the creature that is on your trail away for a few seconds. Like a diversion tactic. Could be interesting, and to sort of tie it into the fiction you can say some of the smaller animals are looking after you, because of your father. That way you can justify the traps left by the father also in a way too. Just some ideas I had.
  9. I happened to grab them all before they got taken down, only played Black Lake and a game of Autonomus so far. They both look amazing! Both ran fine on my machine, don't have that old of a graphics card and have not upgraded to Windows 8 so that might be why they work.
  10. Watching your parts on the stream is making me want to pick up Maya 2013 and get a feel for it. I think I will need it eventually for an upcoming class but not sure if I will get the program. Is it worth picking up the student edition to learn some of the mechanics before that class? I would also get 3DS Max in that edition and could use that for stuff in other classes now.
  11. Your segment was great Jane. Even though I am not an animator I enjoyed watching you piece parts of the world together to make puzzles. Right now in school I am learning Unreal and having to make levels and shape meshes can get both engrossing and frustrating. Also nice touch with the notepad. It was fun seeing your thoughts, hopefully that returns if more screen sharing does. And to the people that were making fun of you at the office were just mean!
  12. Moon was just on TV last night. Such a good movie, and fits as great inspiration for this style of game. Hopefully there will be something in the game named Gerty as a homage.
  13. I think Spacebase DF-9 would work well as a tablet game. I know that the prototype and design are for PC, but think that style of game could work well on a tablet. Something to think about if that game is popular after AF.
  14. This game sounds cool also. I get all the Dwarf Fortress comments, but am I the only one that thought about that early Xbox Live Arcade game Outpost Kaloki X. This sounds like that but just expanded out with base building. Also shows the lack of these types of games on XBLA. Man a lot of these pitches sound awesome and hope that all of them can be built eventually.
  15. This game sounds amazing. Another good roguelike that came out early this year is Hack, Slash, Loot. That game reminds me of Gauntlet. For the rubber suit look, maybe adding the sheen to the costume, similar to the sheen on the dolls in Stacking.
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