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  1. Sorry for the reply, i moved my post to a better-suited topic on this forum: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7451/ Cheers!
  2. The next time i'd better write down "SQ6 has A FEW nice things. I recently played -all- the Space Quest games, and SQ5 and SQ6 weren't that terrible after all. If you play attention to some of the details, story and humor, you understand more from it. Nonetheless SQ1-4 are the best; my personal favorite is SQ3.
  3. Well it's mostly about the art i don't like SQ6... it has too much dithering and non-aliased lines... it looks like an EGA version of a VGA game. The game itself certainly has a few nice things to offer. Pulling E.T.'s finger is still hilarious
  4. I think if you pretend and mix the BG style and Ace Hardware sketch as the actual avatar... and if the scene comes to life with some final polishing and animations PLUS real story/goals/puzzling... then everything will fit nicely together. Unfortunately it's impossible to choose a path that everyone likes. As long as they stay away from SQ6 SQ4 was perhaps the darkest, but i thought the game was a little too dark/sad in the beginning... SQ3 is my favorite of them all.
  5. And we're proud to be kids again, good ol' adventuring! Just like DFA :-)
  6. SQ 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the ones Scott & Mark made together. And i believe SQ5 by Mark (over at Dynamix) and SQ6 by Scott. So that means: they're going to team up again and return to the GOOD Space Quest episodes. Never change a winning team... but sometimes it just happens. Both SQ5 and SQ6 didn't have that real magic... SQ3 is my favorite.
  7. i like the artwork and BG's so far! of course at this point it's only sketching and trying out, and it still needs more work... photoshop feeling goes away when you put it some BG animations (waterfall, water, some neon stuff perhaps). I also like the fade in from the sketch to the scene, and how the scene can move in any direction (not just horizontal scrolling, but also vertical or both).
  8. And still growing stronger :-) More than 10k backers and 10 hours left, so new backers are still welcome :-) Really great they made it... it's gonna be some awesome ol' school adventuring, i'm looking forward to it! Especially the feeling that you've been part of it, to make it happen... and given the opportunity to get in contact with some of the 80's and 90's heroes is all undescribable!
  9. Welcome, backer :-) It's great that under circumstances you still pledged some! And no worries, we made it!! Yihaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. All i'm saying is: Just keep faith! They're good game designers. And even if they fail (even DFA!), give them another chance. Backers like us are doing what publishers should have been doing a long time ago > funding AND let these designers do what they are very good at. And of course pledge whatever you can, whether it's $15, $30 or even $5... or just spread the word. We're sending the publishers a message :-)
  11. No, of course not. But DFA convinced me by it being done by Double Fine, who has already proven themselves. Those who haven´t proven themselves like that, need to convince by other means. Not trying to discourage anyone from backing the two guys project, but we shouldn´t be afraid to ask question about kickstarter projects. That's exactly what the big publishers have been saying the late 90's to folks like Scott & Mark, and even Tim & Ron. That's why adventure games died. I want to support game designers, especially the ones from the 80's and 90's, who've proven themselves -more- than talented. I'm tired of the Modern Wars "follow the guy labelled followed" and Gears of Invisible Walls games Anyways, even the smallest support counts, keep spreading the word and hope they make it!
  12. Prototypes are not to convince, but to show the intention. If you would play DFA prototype (that robot thingy) you wouldnt be convinced either. Prototype 4 is available now by the now (for more browsers and even for ipad). I love the humor and artwork already :-)
  13. Development is by Q42, a very experienced team, located in The Netherlands, that's also a HUGE fan of the old Sierra games. You can find a lot about them actually, even on the SpaceVenture kickstarter game. And you can check out the SpaceVenture prototypes Scott & Mark build with Q42. No other adventure game kickstarter have offered an actual working prototype to the public so far :-) What's also unique is that Q42 can do this in a matter of days! (because they're that good).
  14. I'd love to win one of those classics WOW!! There are museums out there who'd love to own such things :-) Also great vid!! We remember :-) Current backers: i joined the Xexon Special Forces by doing the following: - Add " - Xexon Special Forces" to your nickname - Add $5.42 to your current pledge: - 5 because that's the price of a Monolith burger - 42 to honor Hitchhikers Guide
  15. @inm8num2 the cool thing about Scott and Mark is: even though they tried their best to get Space Quest IP from Activision (which seemed quite complicated, totally unneccesary ) they've -always- been doing updates for the fans. Whether it was a vid on an airport, another Prototype version or doing audio podcosts or live chats... i think the past weeks they've had like 4 hours sleep a day or something :O They've really gone far... their hard work finally paid off, i've always trusted the success of this kickstarter, because Space Quest has an incredible large and devoted fan base. Personally it's become my biggest pledge of all kickstarter projects so far!! We must also thank Tim & Ron for spreading the word! It really helped. PS. i'm a little disappointed in GameSpot, the game site i preferred for a long time. They once existed of good ol' time gamers, knowing these kickstarters are important. They haven't paid any attention to SpaceVenture so far.
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