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  1. I'm so stuck at the end game.

    I can't defeat Mugging Director, Beastfly, or the Alien Boss Here is my main squad: Galaxy Girl - P: 34 H: 250 A: 8 I: 6 Kelvar Unitard Thornium Bling focused zapped - level 3 Crime Bot P:40 H:170 A:0 I:14 Justice Corp Power Belt Thornium Bling emit rocket - level 3 Gloomerang P:13 H:170 A:8 I:26 Kelvar Unitard Lamium Bling ability gloomerang - level 3 Surge Protector P:40 H:140 A:0 I:14 Justice Corp Power Belt Lamium Bling Buzz kick - level 3 In my inventory for each battle, I have a bunch of weak sauce, absolute power bars, Nuke-accino, yak milk and several of the weaker items that auto fill. And my middle manager is maxed out as well. I'm playing on a HTC One Android version 4.1.2

    Love the game. It was the Fortnight game I enjoyed the most. I know its an alpha so I can't pick on any faults and I'm not a game designer (nor have I ever played one on TV) do I can't give you any advice. Just glad I could play this early. Thanks. The only thing I would say is keep the simulation light and humorous like Theme Hospital and similar late 90s tycoon games.
  3. Post your Spacebases!

    I will, just as soon as I get a base with more than 3 rooms and isn't on fire. :-)
  4. Does Middle Manager of Justice become impossible towards the end game? I have all 4 of my heroes fully upgraded, top end meteors, top of the line equipment and costumes, and supply of fully stocked power ups and bonus items. There is nothing else to upgrade or buy. I've tried several different groups of heroes as well. Yet I barely scratch the final bosses and they don't really hurt me either. I through everything I have at them, powering up, lowering their powers but after several turns the villains just stomp on my heroes, wiping out all their health, and win. I loved the game until now.