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  1. You're pretty close, it's an art print. Going on my wall either way, though.
  2. For $66 including shipping, not a bad deal. The sword in the top-right is an 8GB USB stick.
  3. Well, if you think the extra DLC and the PAX demo is worth 91 cents, then the BTA is worth it. After that, it's just a $7.10 jump to Jazzpunk and the other game, which I'd say is pretty good.
  4. If you don't have the other games, then the bundle is definitely worth $13. Jazzpunk on its own has gotten cheaper.
  5. https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly is the best bundle Humble's done in a WHILE. It's an Adult Swim Games publisher bundle, that has literally everything they've released up to this point besides this month's Mega Coin Squad. The $1 tier gets you Fist Puncher, Soundodger+, and Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe. The BTA tier(currently $5.90) gets you Volgarr the Viking, Super House of Dead Ninjas, DLC for Fist Puncher/SHODN/Soundodger+, and the PAX demo for their upcoming game Westerado. The $13 tier gets you Jazzpunk and Super Comboman. There are higher tiers($30 and $75), but those are all physical stuff and include no extra games over the $13 tier.
  6. Humble's doing another one-day-only flash bundle, and it's actually pretty good. $1 gets you Super Amazing Wagon Adventure(a game I really like), Full Bore(a game Flesk really likes), and Tiny Barbarian DX, which I've never heard of but looks cool. $6 gets you NEStalgia(a retro RPG) and AVGN Adventures. https://www.humblebundle.com/flash
  7. The TTG foru-commu-failed Reddit clone is becoming more and more of a trainwreck each day. The question is, how bad will it get once that impending, gigantic(yet extremely slow) train labeled "Game of Thrones" barrels off the tracks next year? Because what it really needs the most is definitely more discussions about incest. (Although. with all the TWD fics, there probably was a lot already.) Oh, and Blind? You better have read the books/watched all episodes of the TV show if you plan to stick around that long, because with a series like that the forums will likely be full of spoilers for both even though the game is a completely separate thing.
  8. I haven't seen much at all in regards to noise about my absolute favorite reveal from Gamescom, and that's probably because Sony did a TERRIBLE job of communicating what it actually meant. But it's so cool that I definitely expect Xbox AND Steam to announce their own versions by the end of next year, so I'll try explaining it myself. The PS4's Shareplay lets you stream any game in your library to another person over the internet and gives them two options: Pass-the-controller, and two-player. Passing the controller is literally just as it sounds, letting whoever you're streaming it to take control of the game for a bit. You have control over when they stop and start, of course, but this isn't the cool part so it's not really worth talking about in-depth. The way more interesting thing, however, is two-player. I can see why they didn't advertise it all that much since it's based on the connection speed of the host, but it's still pretty amazing. It's literally the second person joining you in any two-player game, meaning that at least until Steam/Xbox announces their own version, PS4 will be the only place to even attempt to play these games online: BOI Rebirth Spelunky HD Rayman Legends Sportsfriends(though you should probably avoid the Joust one) Octodad Starwhal All Lego games on the console Guacamelee Towerfall And probably a few more that I'm forgetting. Oh, and the best part? Only the streamer has to own the game, the second player can join regardless if they have the game or not. And it's a part of PS+, meaning there's no extra cost to use it on top of the yearly PS+ one. (There's an "Are you both still there?" check-in every hour so player one can't just leave for work or something while player two uses the former mode to keep playing something they don't own, but other than that it's unlimited.) This could mean some pretty big things, and I'm really excited for it.
  9. From the devs to me(and Remolay) directly: "We are in fact making an adventure game, just does not solely use mouse"
  10. Sorry for the double-post, but... FUCK. EVERYTHING. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/08/16/sierra-s-new-king-s-quest-won-t-be-a-point-and-click-adventure.aspx
  11. The Geometry Wars games are REALLY good, actually, and its only disc release(Galaxies) was under the Sierra label, so... I guess it makes sense? Not sure what they mean by "indie label", though. And the Odd Gentlemen look to be a small team, and are already working on that Homestuck thing, so... I think it'll be a while until we'll see anything from that.
  12. The full cross-buy and cross-save with Vita, PS3, AND PS4 in that version makes it the best.
  13. Cavern Kings is yet another entry in the "indie roguelike" genre, one that is already looking REALLY good. If you have a few minutes, play the free demo that's already out for it, since that'll do a better job at selling it than I can. It's already passed its initial goal, the small(for Kickstarter) sum of $2,500. It has three stretch goals: $5k for local co-op, $7.5k for a "Monsters" expansion, and $10k for online co-op. The $10 tier comes with the full game, beta access, and your name in the credits, which is incredibly generous compared to a lot of similar Kickstarters I've seen.
  14. They're ever-so-slightly on my good side right now because of Destiny, but if they fuck up King's Quest there'll be no coming back from that. The Odd Gentlemen are a pretty weird choice, though, looking at their past games: P.B. Winterbottom, a stylized black-and-white puzzle game about recording and playing back your previous movements. Wasn't too bad, actually. Wayward Manor, a puzzle game about scaring people out of a house by... Neil Gaiman? That's pretty cool... or at least it would be if it was any good. Home Quest: A... you've got to be fucking kidding me... Homestuck Adventure Game. Funded on Kickstarter for $2 million back in September 2012 and not even close to being out yet. Yeah, I'm not that excited anymore. (Also, just posting the teaser for the announcement in the "Everybody get random!" thread with no real explanation is apparently not the way to get people talking about it, as I now know.)
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