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  1. Why was it a waste? Did you not play it when you paid for it? I agree, you probably enjoyed it too, else you would have stopped playing and paying for it.
  2. Amazing resource man. Thank you heaps
  3. I've watched a lot of the old astro boy. It is good man but its not digimon there are so many episodes in season three that make ya wanna cry
  4. For me Breaking Bad is up there. It may be new but i do love it.
  5. I been dying to make a game. Just need time and more manpower
  6. I agree its not to special at the moment.. Microsoft got there work cut out
  7. HTC do make an alright phone. Android is a good OS, still has a fair share of issues though
  8. It ok to cheat i guess. Cheat then complain about it being to easy is not ok though
  9. That's rad! I'm not sure if this was recent, but I just came across it. Google maps quest (8bit version) http://goo.gl/i4onu They have an explanation video as well http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rznYifPHxDg&feature=player_embedded&v=rznYifPHxDg&gl=US the 8 bit maps was amazing haha. Blizzard are always good for april fools too
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