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  1. Just wondering, since EP 1-19 of the documentary has been added to our humble bundle page (depending on tier), will the sidequests be added as downloads as well?
  2. There is! Scroll down on this page: http://doublefine.com/dfapay Awesome, just doubled my pledge (YAY for random leftover chargebacks on your paypal account).
  3. Awesome episode! (just like all the other episodes) Man I feel with the team, and especially with Greg. To be honest I signed on to get a glimpse at what game development looks like under the hood, like a lot of other people it seems. :-) The documentaries have already paid me back in full, as someone mentioned at this point the game is just a bonus for me. The biggest "problem" I see with splitting the game into two (or more) parts is that it might end up just like Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It was a great adventure (at least in my cloudy memories) that unfortunately ended up ending with a cliff hanger and no story resolution. The plan back when Dreamfall came out was that with the money and extra funding they could create Dreamfall Chapters. However due to the lack of revenue Chapters never got made leaving the story of Dreamfall hanging. Only recently due to a successful kickstarter campaign there might actually be a hope for an ending for Dreamfall. That is the biggest issue I see with splitting the game into two parts. Come to think of it, I am actually starting to feel a bit like a cheapskate, as I feel i have gotten my moneys worth with the documentary. Is there a way to *donate* money for the game at this point? (Seeing as it has been over a year since I pledged and since I feel my pledge is way less than what I am getting, why not throw another bone your way) All that being said, if splitting the game into two parts is what it takes to get the game done (and keep the documentary going?) then that is how it has to be.
  4. My native tongue also happen to be Danish. Never have been one for dubbing, in my Anime days it was English subtitles all the way with original audio. So an English version would be just dandy. Including English subtitles as an option would be quite nice as well.
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