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  1. I don't like how they treat their games like afterthoughts and their customers like a piggy bank they can always dip into now. Enough is enough for me. Won't be buying more DF games.
  2. Such good news. This and the new Zelda were the only things that really have me excited from E3.
  3. Probably like 1% actually enjoy puzzles that extreme. I mean sorry that that's you, but still. I'm super happy with this Act. I'm thrilled actually, having finished it. Makes me feel good to support creative stuff like this.
  4. Like any software company can ever pin down a digital release to the second. It's much more complicated and depends on other companies like Steam too.
  5. Fair enough. Yahtzee doesn't mention the overall darkness in tone or nice graphics which I found fun, but he does bring some good points about depth of character content. In general it's starting to seem like DF isn't just making short games, but they're abandoning almost all of the dialogue depth of games like Psychonauts or Grim Fandango that people might be looking for. I mean honestly I'd give games like The Cave and Stacking a low score for skimping on dialogue that could have made them diamonds, although Costume Quest is a little bit better. I just hope DF's focus doesn't continue to be mostly graphics, because it's cool and all but having more writers and good voice work are something a lot of people are hoping for too.
  6. Nope. It's a platformer/puzzle game. The lion's share of what makes an adventure game from conversation trees to non-linear exploration aren't present. Is it a little bit reminiscent? Yes, but it's definitely not a classic adventure game.
  7. You ever heard of The Twilight Zone and that kind of stuff? You don't need an uncommon lesson in that genre. It's more about the ride so to speak, but they talk about lessons to make the narrator more interesting.
  8. I'd have to agree. The Cave is cool but I wish they'd finished polishing it. Several low reviews note the same issues: http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/the-cave/critic-reviews I hope DF works on this one more and patches it.
  9. pros: -humor - nice graphics/animation - something different - funny story approach very "Tales From The Crypt" tongue in cheek which games never do that I can think of cons: - your characters don't speak and narrator rarely does, felt quiet for a DF game - platforming is what I would consider poor for a platformer / rather clunky - movement is extremely slow with no recourse except the 'kill yourself to respawn thing' which respawns you in the wrong direction a good 75% of the time Overall I'd say to be honest I was hoping for a wee bit more polish and depth. It's nice but could have been amazing.
  10. Having the same issue where steam doesn't install any files whatsoever but just goes right to Play... after you hit Install. Then you can't play because the exe is missing. Verifying doesn't do anything. ok to fix this: delete the install you have in steam. then close steam. restart steam, then reinstall The Cave. this took me two steam restarts for some reason so might not work right away.
  11. Course I agree with DF being on there. But no ArenaNet? They're crazy.
  12. Holy smokes is it good. They did all that graphics work in just days? Amazing. It's one of the most beautiful things I've run on my PC. Hope it becomes a game.
  13. Maybe, but I think it's more that you just have to wonder if the classic adventure elements won't feel constrained in a sidescroller. Course I'll end up buying it anyway but I hope there's a good amount of dialogue and red herring items and things like that.
  14. Really curious about this as well. I mean looks can be deceiving but it sure seems to be the genre of game like The Lost Vikings or Trine... platforming with puzzles.
  15. Sweet! I mean there are some tools out there for adventure games but they're never ones made by a real game developer. It would be really cool if this works out and everyone can use 2HB.
  16. I'll be honest, I started off supporting it and then changed my mind. I'm just too confused by what they're doing. I feel terrible because I really like Gabriel Knight... but I feel less comfortable about this game when everything around it is so vague. There should be like a prototype video of the game they want to make. I should be *convinced* that I'm making the right choice supporting something great. I just don't get that vibe from the project. I feel like I would have to force myself to support it and I've decided not to go that route. I know, it's not fair... Double Fine got away with being entirely vague. BUT... everyone knows what their studio can do. I don't know what will happen with this. Here's hoping it's an amazing game and I'll buy it on Steam or wherever someday though.
  17. Wow, I really love how creative the team is getting even at this stage. Great update!
  18. Yes, but even in movies and TV they stage the illusion of things happening. Very few people would want to watch a movie of a camera looking out a car window for two hours. Even if you put in narration every few minutes, what is the point. I can make my own experience of not doing anything, and it will be a hell of a lot nicer because I can just go lay on some grass or a hammock or something and daydream.
  19. I donated and am planning on sending my vote towards Moebius. I definitely want to see more Jane Jensen games. Gabriel Knight was one of the best series.
  20. I pitched in. Remember you get to vote on which project they do soon. Moebius sounds like the way to go to me.
  21. I think I'd want to see them create their own cartoony world. I liked in Psychonauts how some things were just a given in that reality, like Bobby Zilch's skin being blue. Or how all of Grim Fandango was stylized. They should have some fun with it, so that we will too in the end, in other words.
  22. How I would lessen the cheating is just to randomize some object placement. You can still know what to do from a walkthrough, but if you have to find object X that could be on the ground anywhere in a whole area, people would still have to do some exploring.
  23. Dear Esther has no gameplay at all. They pretty much take a shooter game engine, and have you walk along a path in the levels, while you hear some confused narrative scripts from the character. This is pretty much as experimental as you can get in throwing all gameplay out the window and personally I thought it was awful. I mean there's room for such projects in the world but they should probably stay free game mods.
  24. None. That is, unless the community really spots the broccoli in the teeth somewhere so to speak. Having a lot of eyes on something can help make it better. That doesn't mean all suggestions are right by any measure though, and I think it's up to Doublefine to take what comes from the community with both a grain of salt, and to look for the hidden gems.
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