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  1. LucasArts Closed The focus of the article was on Star Wars games, but I couldn't help but wonder about LucasArts adventure games. Maybe this is the time for Double Fine to make a new Monkey Island game. Thoughts?
  2. 2 Worlds, 1 Pocket 2 Souls, 1 Pocket The Bagel Filter Bagel's Pocket Universe Pocket Universe The Infinite Pocket The Bottomless Pocket Pockets Bursting with Adventure The Schafer Bagel, with 2 Kinds of Cheese The Lonely Spaceship and the Hungry Monster Monster Pocket When Monsters and Spaceships Colide The Monsters Spaceship Human Pets I'm just going to assume that the main characters are going to have pockets; and that their pockets will hold an infinite amount of items. How else would the solve puzzles and go on adventures? Am I right, or am I right. Please Tim, don't just go with whatever title gets the most votes. Go with your gut. Wait for that Aha! moment.
  3. Bifurcate Reality Rejecting Reality Rejecting Fate Defying Fate Intrepid Apostates Adventurous Apostates Apostate's Quest Social Misfits Misfit's Quest Destiny's Misfits The Unseen World Two Halves Destiny Carvers Career Day Back to Back
  4. I loved the episode. You showed us just the right amount of information to wet our appetites without giving too much away. Forgive me if this has already been stated, but I would like to make a theory about the game's plot: I think that the organic ship that the boy is living inside of is the god/creature that the girl is supposed to be sacrificed to. If you want to go in a dark direction, the ship absorbs the sacrifices' life energy to sustain itself. Or, on a lighter note, you could have an all male planet full of awkward nerds. They created this living ship to bring pretty women to their planet. Either way, the boy and girl end up working together to destroy/re-purpose the living ship.
  5. Excellent episode Time and 2 Player. Please keep the puzzles in the game. There's only a few kind of puzzles that I hate. I hate it when you've clicked on an object and you get no reaction to it and then later in the game, clicking on it will cause a reaction. If an object is now suddenly important, give some visual or verbal indication that it's somehow different. I don't want to have to click on every object after every event in a game. I also hate it when you have multiple items in your inventory that should be able to serve the same function, but won't. Like when you have a cup, a bowl, and a bottle. But only the bottle will hold water. Why can't I fill up the bowl or cup with water? Please avoid those sorts of situations. I think that the most important part of a game is the characters. With the story coming in a close second. When I think about games that I'm nostalgic about, I always think about the characters and story the most. These are the things that make us care about the game. I loved your random jokes in the beginning about the game being about chinchillas, super violence, nudity, and a snuff game. Please include your twisted sense of humor in the game. I'm really excited about your concept of having 2 main characters being from 2 different worlds. Sci fi vs fantasy. Men vs. women. Why not take it one step further and have the sci-fi world have just men in it. And the fantasy world will only have women in it. Each world has never seen the other gender. The males create offspring via science: cloning. And the females create offspring with magic. When the main characters meet, they'll each think that the other one is an alien. Of course, I'm blatantly ripping off the plot of the anime Vandread. Keep up the good work.
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