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  1. Oh don't worry, I fully intend to! Just waiting for an appropriate time to sit down with my fiancée and play our mutual favourite game together for the first time! =)
  2. Thirded: I still haven't played the re-master despite pre-ordering - but this sounds like a let down in many ways...
  3. Ouch, I felt certain there may be hope, but that's a bummer. I was clinging to this more than the game itself...
  4. Good points EeryPetrol! To be fair I'm a bit tired of reading the "This game was perfect, why would they change anything (apart from the controls, obvs.)?" comments. Grim is still my favourite game, it was one of the first adventure games I ever played and stands up so well in comparison to any other game of the genre that it truly deserves this iconic status. But let's get some things clear: nothing's perfect. Even my favourite thing about this game, Pete Mc's astonishing soundtrack sounds synthetic and grating in a few places with pretty limited compression even on the live recordings. One thing I have always wished for was an orchestral re-recording of the faux-symphonic sections and a remastering of the superb jazz/mariachi/tango themes*. Can't we agree that this will be "a good thing"? Secondly, the look of the game was brilliant at the time; pre-rendered backgrounds meant no blocky or unwieldy texturing. But adding low res 3D characters/props into this mix did not help to make the game any more immersive. The FMVs did a great job of tying into the look of the gameplay without changing the look entirely (which still gets done today; hang your head in shame, 'Gray Matter'), but the compression, again - coupled with waiting for the hourglass, back in the days we played this on disc - were limitations of the time and really do affect how you respond to the game. If we could see a new graphical interpretation that matches up to the finesse of Peter Chan's excellent concept art then that would tick another large box for me. Of course, the representation will also feed into movement and navigation: I'm not entirely convinced that 3rd person navigation and control won't work, but I get the feeling it will be problematic in some areas and also Double Fine would probably never hear the end of it from the Purists. Also, if the game is going to be usable on tablets and phones then full on 3D will just be another headache. I have one request for updating the navigation though: as much as I loved the second year in Rubacava, it would be such a relief if there was a mapped navigation system that didn't require having to run through all the locations loads of times to get to where you want to be! I'm sure I will appreciate the remake in whatever form it takes, after all, these are probably just personal things which didn't bother everyone else. But most of all, if Double Fine can achieve one thing (besides bug fixes of course), like EeryPetrol and other have said, it would be most welcome to let long time fans see some of the content that we were never a party to before and make this a worthwhile investment for all!
  5. That, all of that really - but seriously - that was my thoughts exactly! No end of praise for 2PP, they're just brilliant at making you feel like you're part of it. =)
  6. Cheers for clearing that up, it's just little niggles like that which stand out and make the experience far less immersive. It's got nothing to do with the quality of graphics but rather things that look like really obvious mistakes...
  7. Music and everything else is amazing, I can't criticise how excellent this episode is. But I'm literally just now up to the scene with Merrick's introduction and this (in the picture) really bothers me. I know animation is going to get fixed and everything, and this action probably won't even be in the game now but nobody mentioned how wrong this looks...
  8. I think you'd be in the minority there, two things that annoy me about so called modern point and clicks are the propensity to over-animate the process of the character beginning and ending a motion, AND ponderously moving across the scene to do the same bloody thing you had them do 5 times already. Bitter? Who, me?
  9. Absolutely, I started welling up, it was quite brilliant! Nice job 2PP!
  10. Lost post, clicked wrong button. Suffice it to say, things slipped after Amnesia Fortnight, update should have gone out about this episode, I'm amongst those upset that they didn't get any input when it was asked for about the title, etc. Enjoyed this episode though, going to watch 9 now, thank you for sorting out the updates, we can't all get onto the forum as frequently as we would like.
  11. Link must be private as it wasn't found for me - but I'm still bally excited to get the shirt! =D (mind you, knowing USPS it will be weeks before it gets to the UK!) Edit: thanks for sorting that!
  12. You're all going on about a bit of a page missing, what about the whole page at 4:52 that's conveniently blanked out after a few words were visible for a snippet of a second?? Wow, how about we deal with the log before we worry about the splinter!
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