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  1. Why is Spacebase $16.74 in the Humble Bundle? Odd number.
  2. That's what I thought too, but the consensus is there's a pattern of Shay-like characters happening (for whatever reason). So Dead Eye is someone like Shay and Mother is a sacrifice like Vella, but they're not actually them. As bizarre and cool as I thought that was.
  3. I had the fruit ready when I met the guards and I went through my list in order, it was second. So, uh, didn't get stuck there.
  4. I lost track of the documentary what feels like a long time ago. When they first showed the cloud world, I think. I should catch up now. Will they be streaming online for the foreseeable future, or will they be taken down for non-download tier backers?
  5. The puzzles gave me little trouble, yeah. I got almost all items as I went along, so I never had to backtrack far to get any. The only puzzles that took me a while were the propulsion one, as I missed that the gun was a pickup, and the guy stuck in the tree, had to use a walkthrough to know to fall through the hole. I enjoyed the game! Look forward to Act II.
  6. I just finished it (I had to take a break! I already feel like I'm late to the party....) and man, I didn't get any of it at all until reading this topic. Didn't get the maidens/aliens connection at all. I feel dumb.
  7. What I meant was what was potentially too high concept? Unless that part got cut (which I still want to know). I know the switching is still there, after playing the game it makes even less sense what the problem was, other than a new player not knowing why there is two characters at first. Just finished the game. It seems like there's some sort of ouroborus time loop happening. Vella seemingly becomes a computer on Shay's ship in the future (somehow), but someone who seems to be an adult shay shows up in her story. Then his present self comes out of the monster, and she gets trapped inside. And it's not that his spaceship is a monster, because she seems outer space through the windows from inside the monster, so, his universe is contained within mog chothra. And it's not explained how he survived or what happened to him. ....That's high concept? Or did I misread that?
  8. Ah, I was wondering why the Humble Bundle for Android app had it in the game-claiming page.... You may guess from my post count I haven't been keeping track of the game for a while. Just very busy with education. Are the documentary videos going to remain viewable on Kickstarter for the foreseeable future? I've a lot to catch up on.
  9. ...I probably would have held off on putting in the money if I figured I could do it later, to be honest. But I don't regret it. No problem here.
  10. Only just got around to watching it for some reason. Tumblr addiction, I guess. Wonderful. Very heartwarming.
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