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  1. < absolutely not the levitators/firestarters/whispering rockers!
  2. People have told me I look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, and I agree, weirdest comment I got was looking like on of the Jonas brothers...I didn't take it as a compliment. Also I can apparently do good impressions of Katy Perry, Lobato, and Dr. Evil. And yet i have a normally really deep voice.
  3. What's wrong with yellow shirts? *looks down* I look like a bee....
  4. Reason Number 2 Mr. Pokeylope's voice(Seriously, just listen to it.)!
  5. Ubisoft: They won't listen to me when I persist that Rayman should have arms. Lucas Arts: I wasn't a fan of the Star Wars games series. All 60,000 games were a tad bit of an over-used medium.
  6. What if I threaten with the current teams of Lucas Arts and Ubisoft handling Psychonauts 2?
  7. You raise a good point leroy. Fear the great and powerful Ubol!
  8. Yo, I'm the Unseen Bassist of the Levitators/Firestarters/Whispering Rockers. You can call me Chris, or Shorten it to Bassist, or just acronym it up, but Ubol doesn't make me sound all too intelligent. Anyway, pleasure to meet you.
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