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    Just your regular short Singaporean guy who wishes he was as cool enough to be a Grim Reaper like Manny. Full time guru, part time magician.
  1. It's amazing how this project makes everyone feel so involved and emotionally attached versus other Kickstarters. Even thousands of miles away here in a tiny Asian island. It's beautiful really. Felt really rewarding seeing the team reveal the trailer. It's like you want them to succeed with so much epicness that it'll explode.
  2. - Steampunk Neverland - a medieval metropolis - space dragon world - the world between wormholes. - a world where fire turns you into ice, and ruled by a gnome mafia - inside the bermuda triangle - a bar - happiness world - Hong Kong slums - Asian Red light district - Cow land
  3. If you're a Singaporean and reading this, PM me and let's go for kopi and kaya toast.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for posting! It is indeed quite a cool read especially for people like me who love diving into the details of a production, and loving the fact that you folks got yourself the Merlin - I've seen some really epic shots from operators on set and I am looking forward to seeing some cool shots on the docu - no pressure though ;-) One thought, I'm pretty surprised you folks are so skeletal on lights, although I understand how cumbersome they can be, I usually think a mid-sized kinoflow always works magic for interviews... but then it could just be me
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