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  1. I got mine about a week ago, the shirt and poster are excellent! Pretty quick from when they announced they were being sent, im definately impressed and happy.
  2. Hey guys! Great news on the t-shirts and posters coming in, they're looking awesome! Just a quick question.... do you have any estimate for how long it will take them to reach backers in England? Or, more specifically, London? I'm moving house mid August, but I don't know exactly where to (its kinda out of my hands ) so am a bit nervous I'll miss out on my amazing rewards! Cheerz Dwayne S
  3. When you said "go deeper", it made me think of Inception. /Insert much cleverer than I can muster Inception based environment gag
  4. Inside an ant farm. The dark side of the moon. But the moon is made of cheese, and the dark side is inhabited by massive intelligent bipedal rodents. A twinkie factory. (What really goes INTO those things?!) Leonardos workshop, as a ghost. (Somehow you end up being responsible for his greatest inventions)
  5. Nice, ill get that fan made game for sure, nice link. Speaking of nice remakes, anyone seen XCom : Enemy Unknown remake? http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/122/1220089p1.html The original was great turn-based strategy, and the new one hopefully captures the same emotions.
  6. Ok, thanks for the heads up BigWhoop! Im a bit late to the forums, only starting browsing (during my work lunchbreak) today, so I hadn't seen the aforementioned post yet. Either way im sure the finished result is gunna be great.
  7. Day of the return of the Tentacle? Maniac Dawn : A Tentacle strikes back? ... you see where I'm going with this i'm sure. Monkey island is probably my favourite franchise of all time, but has been a bit done to death now i think. Still some room for Maniac mansion love though! What do you guys think?
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