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    Monty Python ... ... ... What? Why are you still reading? Too short? Bloody hell, ok, look buddy, I'm not a big writer nor reader, so 1. I don't want to write anything too long and 2. even if I did, I wouldn't want to re-read it myself to correct my grammar mistakes, so if you really want something, then it won't be pretty, which means I would not suggest it. ... ... ... Still here, huh? FINE! Be that way, see if I care. I'm from Estonia, the end. ... ... ... The "the end" didn't rin
  1. Can I still watch the movie in a few days?
  2. This would be interesting. I'm really glad to see Estonia so high on the list, since we really don't have that many people living here, or rather there, since I currently live in Germany.
  3. Your favorite indie developer?

    Oddworld Inhabitants, when talking about independent developers, although they weren't independent when releasing their previous games.
  4. What is your native language?

    Estonian, it's a Uralic language. And I bloody love it.