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  1. Ah! The very reason I'm lurking here now. Nice to see the search function is working good . For the logic of the game, Shay shouldn't get that option before visiting Marek for the second time. Or if Marek said that the signal was from Prima Doom when he popped his head out.
  2. I saved the whole documentary until now. Watched all the episodes in a row. Just finished them 5minutes before Act 1 is ready on Steam. Opening a beer now as I'm getting ready to dwell in "our" new world of adventure. Thank you for having faith in us backers. And damn you all for making me tired for work tomorrow. It's all gonna be worth it though. Looking forward to watch all the sidequests and the upcoming parts of the documentary. All the best from Norway! *Turning down lights* EDIT: Oh, yeah. And a BIG thanks to all the other backers! May the rest of your lives be filled with adventures from Double Fine!
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