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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the link, you made my evening a whole lot better.
  2. Uhm... where? Episode 14 was posted at the end of January and I haven't seen another episode since then. The most recent Sidequest I can find is from last October (the Peter McConnell one). Have they started posting that stuff somewhere else and stopped putting it in the Backer forum?
  3. I honestly expected something like the Sidequests a few weeks after Act 1's release. Kinda sad that absolutely nothing new came about in now almost three months since the release. I worry we'll get one 2PP episode that wraps up the whole thing and that's that.
  4. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Broken Age, IMO, looks great, even stunning in some places. Same goes for the music and VO. As a package, its presentation is definitely a lot more beautiful than I expected, even after watching all the documentary episodes. The writing is great, as expected. Overall, I had a lot more fun in the few hours of Act I than with many other, longer full-price games. The only letdown is that the puzzles are a bit too easy for my taste. But, IIRC, Act 2 is supposed to be a bit harder, and, for my taste, I prefer puzzles being a bit too easy over being too hard / illogical. That line is really, really thin for puzzles. So... yeah, I'm very happy with what I got so far. I look forward to Act 2 and more documentary episodes. I wouldn't want to be Tim, though: When all is said and done, the story and ending of Act 2 can still completely ruin Act 1.
  5. I'll definitely wait for Act 2 to be out before I start playing this. I have plenty of other games waiting to be played on my pile of shame, so I can easily wait a few more months. I'm really bad at watching one episode of something and keeping the story in the back of my head for weeks or months before watching the next bit. Same goes for games.
  6. I'm a fairly early backer and I'll be honest: At first, when I read about this on a different site (with a slightly misleading headline), I was pretty pissed. After reading the details and thinking about it, though, I'm completely fine with this idea of getting the first half out there as fast as possible to make some money and deliver the second half a bit later. I trust you guys at DoubleFine thought about this long and hard and if you say this has the best chance to deliver the game you envisioned and I want to play: Go for it! What I've seen from the game so far looks completely awesome, so I really don't want you to cut out anything you'd deem important or fun. The only thing I'd ask is: Please ship the physical copy only when the second half is done and include it in there. I really wouldn't want "half a game" in that box.
  7. I loved this episode, to be honest. I can't really put my finger on why I loved it, but I think I liked the "it's a new morning" vibe of it with all the new people joining the team and people looking reinvigorated after Amnesia Fortnight. On top of that, the last section about the Hour of Fun was awesome and very insightful to me. Also, it made me realize once again that being a programmer has a huge drawback: When an artist does his job well, everybody immediately notices how great the background art, the animation or whatnot is. If his work wasn't as great, it at least doesn't kill the game... if a programmer does his job well, the game "just works as expected", and if he missed a bug the thing blows up into everybody's faces. Anyhow: IMO, it was a really great episode that creates a great contrast to the last episode, which was also great, but a lot "darker" and filled with uncertainty.
  8. To be honest, games that advertise being long often are suspicious to me. Of course, if a great game is long, that's a nice bonus... on the other hand, many games IMO use tons of content as an excuse to lack in quality. Take GTA IV, for example: there's so much crap in that game. Sure, overall it's a somewhat fun game, but not a single game element in there is fun enough to stand on its own. Driving sucks thanks to pretty crappy car physics, shooting is decent but nowhere near the level of other "specialised" third person shooters and many of the mini-games barely work (for example, that pool billard mini-game is... a pain to play). I don't understand how people can like that game enough to actually finish it, sorry. Another example would be most open-world RPGs. It's all nice and dandy to have a huge world, but what good is that if most of the world is filler? Yes, it's fun for a while to run through some forest and chase some deer or whatnot, but I honestly would prefer a much smaller world filled with actually interesting characters and fewer, but better written sidequests. That's why I prefer Gothic 1 over every single Bethesda RPG. Sadly, Piranha Bytes have started following the "we need a bigger world" track.
  9. Great sidequest! Would love to see Tim finish Full Throttle. Awesome game and probably the first time I noticed people were focused way too much on a game's length. It seems that "quality over quantity" just doesn't work for a lot of people.
  10. Great episode... kinda creepy, though. I have full trust in Double Fine they'll deliver a great game, but it's a bit scary to see these industry veterans in these "we don't know how we'll tackle these pretty important things yet, we better get going" moments.
  11. Thanks for another very interesting read, Oliver. I'm just looking into building a small game myself, so hearing about components and game entities overall now was great timing and very interesting. Thanks.
  12. For the love of god, no, please do NOT use this. This feel as it is something dumbing down the game to much. It also makes the game less natural, that you will be thinking more about it being a game, rather then just enjoying the game without thinking so much about it being a game. If it were an menu option, then you could turn it on if you got super stuck, maybe that would work??? The easiest way to solve this would be to have a "highlight all" key on the keyboard / icon in the inventory (for tablets etc)... at least that's how most other adventures I played recently do it. If you're stuck because you missed one small object the game's creators thought to be easily spottable, it's simply frustrating.
  13. Awesome, a new episode. Too bad they're over so quickly. Really liked this episode and I really like the basic idea for the game's story. Sounds very interesting and leaves a lot of room for being creative, IMO.
  14. I'd be willing to add a few bucks, sure, but only to a certain degree. I obviously wouldn't want to pay $40 for shipping, for example. Do you guys have DHL in the US? If you have, use that... at least in Germany and UK they're the fastest guys I've seen so far and AFAIK package tracking is standard with them. At least I never had to pay extra for it.
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