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  1. Make them public, but reading-only. That way one will be completely able to distinct them from the other public posts and know exactly who wrote what back then.
  2. Hi there! By trying the codes that were already taken I've reached Steam's activation limit, and it lasts at least 45 minutes. Will you still have keys to give tomorrow?
  3. That could be cool. I haven't touched a Commander Keen game in a long, long time. Any idea how long it'd take to play through an episode? Depends on the episode and if one wants to do all the levels or not, but I'd say even the longest episodes shouldn't take over an hour if the player doesn't fool around.
  4. Like I said in last session, for a non-adventure playthrough I suggest a Commander Keen episode, and if possible it would be cool to invite Tom Hall to join us!
  5. But isn't "Impact" just another way to say "overall rating"? I doubt a game with high ratings would have a low impact on someone, even if it may not be strictly emotional.
  6. That's a nice idea! Here's my suggestions... I think "Assets" should be divided into: audio, graphics and script. That way it's all more defined. "Impact" is also too generic I'd say, it would be better to reduce it to simply "replayability". Apart from those, it's ok for me.
  7. Ahh damn it, I missed both this and the one with Moriarty! I really hope Mr. Gilbert will be there for the second session! I don't check twitter often, is there a newsletter for the DFGC? It would help me a lot.
  8. Sorry, but I didn't really like any of the titles... they all seemed too corny for a game that apparently has a serious side to it. On top of that, most of the titles seems to refer to the girl's side of the story only, so I submitted my own: "Far Above, Near Below". Erm, well at least I tried...
  9. I like C, E, circle O, circle E, circle M and circle L the best. Overall I'd prefer her to have simple clothing and non-bleached, not covered hair.
  10. My suggestions: -A black-grounded wasteland, in which there's a place with only cathedrals and catacombs in it, inhabited by sentient shadows. -A mediterranean port village, where tropical birds fly about instead of seagulls, lit by night by rainbow-colored flowers. -A Hong Kong-like city where everything is powered by steam, with lava canals flowing in its streets, sailed by gondolas made of black metal. -Finally, a prairie where the grass is the color of gold, inhabited by intelligent, little bunny-like creatures with white fur, who live underground and decorate their burrows like a human house.
  11. Because I really, really wanted to play an adventure game made by Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer again and, while I was at it, I wanted to put my name in it too.
  12. I agree with the others, I don't think it's possible to make what you're suggesting with this budget. That said, I'd rather have various playable characters in the game instead of a single one, it adds more variety (without too much added cost if the enviroment stays mostly the same).
  13. Here's mine. I hope it isn't too harsh, it was all meant in good fun!
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