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  1. Patrick you are an absolute mensh. Some people tend to be very heavy handed with creative control of their ideas, you're being incredibly gracious about this. If the community did put a Bad Golf 2 together, I'd hope you could see enough of your vision in it to feel like it was worth handing the keys to the cart over.
  2. I'd love to help out where I can. I an not at all artistic, don't have a lot of daytime time I could devote to the project, and have never done any game design... Not a stellar resume I know, but I'm decent a decent coder and would love to help out. Assuming Patrick and DF are okay with it that is... I don't want to spoil the Cinderella story of Bad Golf 3 at the next Amnesia Fortnight.
  3. Love the update and how things are looking. Brad and team. I have a solution for the desert map issue you mentioned regarding the paths you would have to turn around in... Turn the map into Goblin Valley / Wild Horse Canyon.... If you have not been, go there this instant... From San Francisco, it's a short 14 hour drive. If you leave tomorrow, you can camp tomorrow night, and have all day Friday and Saturday to explore, and drive back Sunday. Pictures do not do the area justice. It is from another world... It's starts out as a open area, with all these crazy mushroom shapes. You could include your exploding geysers in this part of the map... As you move back into Goblin valley, it turns into this crazy maze of cliffs with similar faces as to your Easter island alpine adventure map. Use this or parts of neaby wild horse canyon / bell canyon, with these amazing wind swept narrows.... Here are some examples: Opening area: Of note. Cameras pick the peak area up as grey, but in person, it is an incredible light green color.... Almost like a copper penny turning... At the back of the park is this amazing close quarters maze area. I can't find any pictures that do it justice. But simlarly, just a couple of miles away are the wild horse and bell slot canyons which are amazingly pretty, and could ad an element of confinement to the gameplay that doesn't appear on any other maps... Run a number of narrow paths separated by high walls (assuming you can figure out the camera) that lead back to the same areas and you'd really have something unique with the desert map...
  4. The fact that they are moving the massive chalice team stream up from the normal Friday to Wednesday this week makes me think that it's possible something exciting is planned for Friday. It would be just in time for the new humble bundle. I'm calling it... Amnesia fortnight part two is coming Friday.
  5. I'm digging that theme music... How big is the team that is putting this together? Alos, I love the art style. Who is that little lightning bug / firefly circling our princess? Seems we need to get into the forest to find out...
  6. I love the Playboys sitting on the same rack as the Highlights magazines.
  7. If it was a really open framework to mod, I'd go fairly big... I feel like the nature versus nurture aspect of the game is being overlooked. I'd create a mod around this aspect of the game. Instead of putting a hero out to stud and producing clone or hybrid babies 15 years from now to throw into the fight, I'd restructure the games as follows: Nature 1. Split genetic traits from job class. Provide strength, dexterity, intelligence and constitution attributes. Each year on a character's birthday, they gain or lose attributes based on a modified bell curve. Each attribute 's curve would be a little different dexterity peaks early but plateaus for a long time strength peeks and then starts to fade, intelligence continues to grow long after strength and dexterity are fading, etc.. Each attribute would provide an affect in battle, and then after the hero's retired. Attribute - In battle function - Retired function Strength - Melee attack power - Increase attribute bonus to growing children Dexterity - Ranged attack power - Longevity Constitution - Hit Points - Fertility Intelligence - Critical Hit Percentage - Class training bonus to growing children From this hidden base equation (or a simple table if that's easier to implement in Lua), I'd then create a bunch unique traits would modify that curve. For example, Late Bloomer might push the strength curve back a bit so the character is weaker than normal at 15, but retains their strength longer than usual. Or a stubborn trait that pushes the INT curve down but slightly increases Constitution. Physical affects from battle would affect the attributes. A maimed hand in battle would result in a long term or permanent deduction to Dexterity for example. As this curve is hidden to the user, the constitution of a person may drop severely at age 45 and you wouldn't ever know for sure. Nurture 2. While a child is growing up, each year where both parents are with the child, there is a bonus to their attributes gained, but that bonus is spread across all the children. So maybe one parent goes back to war, leaving only half a bonus for a year or two. Also a single child will receive a larger bonus than a child with 4 siblings as they don't get the same amount of attention. Class skills are developed based on experience. 3. Provide a teacher / Advisor role that a hero can be retired to. At 5 years old, each child may enter a 5 year schooling under a teacher. Anyone can teach a primary class, so it can be done at home. At 10, the child goes for 5 more years into a secondary schooling. This schooling is the foundation for the class they will become at 15, and may include sending the child away as they need to study under a teacher of their same class for secondary school. If left without a teacher, they will learn their parent's class. The schooling affects the physical attribute curve (caberjack's are going to spend more time building muscle than abarlists are), but also starts generating experience for the child. This experience earned can be modified by the skill and experience of the teacher as well as other random events. As the child comes of age and can fight, that experience allows them to learn new skills in their class tree. 4. Add a 2 or 3 year apprenticeship, where one 15 year old can be made apprentice to a Hero of a high enough level. This means he must fight each battle with him. This may put him in harms way more, and make the fights a little tougher to plan for, but he'll be awards substantially more experience. This would allow for the molding of a hero to hand over your relic to (and some serious despair if that chosen kid falls in battle unluckily early in his career). So the misfit kid left at home for 15 years will come out fine, but that exceptional kid that was sent to apprentice with a former heroic caberjack may be substantially better off at 15. Why would I do this? I think this would add a fun nature versus nurture dynamic which is what really caught my attention with the game's premise. I feel there would be a deeper connection with the characters you've help mold them into who they are, instead of just waiting until they turn 15 and become playable. I think would give the player more of a reason to care about the individual people. Also it would give you some other options for your hero's at advanced age. You can have then start a family, or become a class teacher, or maybe even allow for a witch-doctor / sear type role where a character could identify those unique traits to better identify strong parents or learn to heal those permanent battle injuries. What's the reality of doing this? This is 99.8% pipe dream as these kind of changes would be pretty dramatic to the basic function of the game, and mod-ability isn't high on the priority list. I have started poking around a bit with lua to see what the language is all about. I'm got many years experience in Perl, but haven't ever really used lua before. It seems pretty straight forward as far as the attribute change table and building traits that would affect that rate, but plumbing it into the game engine would likely be a impossibility.
  8. As the link isn't available on youtube yet, and the twitch channel doesn't have them listed, here are the links to today's streams: http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/482173884 http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/482184326
  9. Looks like it may be coming in February... Link from @TimOfLegend
  10. Amnesia Fortnight 2012 was announced a year ago today. This was far and away my favorite thing Double Fine has done. For me, this brought the personalities of the people working at Double Fine through so that it wasn't just a brand in front of quirky Tim Schafer, but a unique company filled with unique talent. I also thought this was a decent opportunity to get the folks at 2 Player Productions some more money, as they have really been heavily involved for a long time in the Broken Age project. I'd love to see this come back for 2013. If it doesn't come back, I'd be curious as to what some of the folks at Double Fine thoughts as to the success of the process and why they chose not to repeat it this year. I'm also curious to know if having the publicity and pressure to produce something during a two week time frame that was so open and public and had paying customers resulted in a different experience than previous amnesia fortnights.
  11. Things I love: Love the water and the way it moves. It looks like the fog of war doesn't cover water. It think it should as otherwise you give the shape of the Mangrove map away. I thought the use of the gradient map was really interesting. I really like the resulting look. Thinks I don't love: I think you are missing an opportunity with only having a single corrosive demon. I know it's probably too late to bring it up, but an option for a difficult corrosive demon would be nice. Something that adds an additional strategic element as well. How about a corrosive demon that can switch between base and acidic forms. While in acidic form, melee attacks cause damage back to the attacker, and when in base form, they're invulnerable to ranged attacks (or maybe they even heal it). It would be a simple palette swap to make the difference visible, and then switch a buff / debuff. They could even begin in just one form or the other, and move to switching between the two forms later in the game. It's something to think about. It'd be pretty easy to implement, would even the cadence archetypes up and offer some flexible elements to combat.
  12. While the link isn't up for the main doublefine twitch feed, I found them linked on a side channel thing... here they are: http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/477939261 and part 2: http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/477949317
  13. 1. I like the idea of different materials to be mined. Also maybe allow for collection of elements from nearby nebula. 2. I'd also like the ability to define a threat plan. Mark areas of the base for yellow and red alerts, then if a security officer hits the alert, citizens should stop what they are doing and go to the designated area and take up a temporary job change. That could be used for firefighting and invasion, but overuse would hurt moral and cause a boy who cried wolf affect. 3. Maybe add a science and engineering learning tree... Having some of the learning be tied to individuals and some of it communal would be awesome, as it'd make you care a lot more about the person that can perform spectral analysis on matter to find rare elements that a dude with a star rating of x for a job... Also, you could end up in situations where you have built things that you no longer have the capability to build or maintain and your base end up becoming dependent on technology your citizens don't understand (Idiocracy in space). 4. It'd also be nice to have proximity to a star as part of the location setup. That could add some interesting elements to gameplay like allowing engineers to start building solar receptors for a power alternative to nuclear so there is less change of the reactor going critical, more power the closer you are to a sun, that would also mean more radiation affects while spacewalking. You could also have long term scripted events like a star going supernova that you'd have to advance your learning enough to build something to shoot into the sun to stop.
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