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  1. Hi, I'm having the same problems: distorted graphics starting at the train station but continuing at least until the cruise ship (thats where I am at now ). I also noticed these distortions first time during some animations in "The Cave" (at the beginning at the fire place as well as with some animations when the monster/dragon roars and stomps). Not sure if thats related though. My system: MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2012 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB running Lion 10.7.5 Please let me/us know in this thread if you have any tips/advide how to get rid off that. Thanks for the awesome games!
  2. never mind.. I replayed that part and was able to continue into the time travelers museum.. weird though how I could end up in the mansion on the first attempt...
  3. Hi all, I got stuck playing with the combination of time traveller, scientist, hillbilly. After playing the Mine (got all three mine carts) the characters crash through the train tracks and land in the water and the only way to go to is down to the right which ends up at the gate of the Twins Mansion which I cant play because I don't have the twins. Is this an error in the game play design? Thanks, Sebastian
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