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  1. Machinarium's an odd comparison, because I think the actual "classic adventure game puzzles" in that were about on par with Broken Age. Most of the difficult parts in Machinarium were figuring out some logic minigame. I like Machinarium but I'd rather not have BA be overloaded with those types of puzzles. Assuming the puzzles were designed before they decided to break it into two parts, it's likely that Part 1 ends just as the difficulty is supposed to be ramping up. I bet the full game experience will be more satisfying.
  2. I also wonder if there are higher-resolution images that they left out of this release for the sake of download size, and might enable for the physical copy? I dunno. Maybe since even in modern 3D games you can still get close enough to see the pixels of textures, they expected audiences to be used to it.
  3. A lot of them looked that way for me too. I assume they just couldn't make such huge backgrounds in high enough resolution, and didn't have enough time/space to make close-up backgrounds. Maybe a later version could implement a different scaling algorithm that makes use of a "pixel scatter" effect that would match the spraypaint look that's used in a lot of the art. If DF make more games with this engine, it would be awesome if they started using an infinitely scalable vector format like what Mischief uses: http://www.madewithmischief.com
  4. I noticed this in two places: Whenever the Mog Chothra snatched someone, and whenever the crane in Shellmound dropped a bucket of sand, there was hardly any deep impact noise like you'd expect, despite the camera shaking and whatnot. I don't know if this was unintentional or if you just didn't want to have potentially jarring loud noises, but those particular moments came off as weak.
  5. Another small typo nearby: When you ask the Shellmound Maidens about the riddle, one of their lines reads "means on thing" instead of "means one thing"
  6. Similar problem with Vella in the cloud town-- only ladder on the shoes works (or the other way around. I forget.)
  7. Got this when talking to Curtis. First the voices cut out entirely for a few lines. I hit escape and turned on subtitles so I wouldn't miss dialog, and that's when it turned into the beep. Had to quit and reload.
  8. I was stuck on Monkey 2 for aaaages. The "monkey wrench" puzzle was tricky. The monkey wrench puzzle ruined that game for me. Afterwards, I didn't even want to guess what the answer was to subsequent puzzles. Could be because english is not my native language, and monkey wrench is such an odd word (IMHO), but the puzzle felt too obscure for me. I'm not sure that ANYBODY figured that puzzle out on the pun alone. Hints, trial and error or accident.Getting stuck on a puzzle in Monkey Island 2 isn't a good argument against a longer / more densely puzzled game. Ideally, the game would be long and dense without any inanely hard puzzles, so you'd never feel like you were breezing through the game, nor like you were hitting a wall. The majority of MI2's puzzles felt comfortable, like you were getting the most out of the game and there was always something to explore. I'm all for going heavy on the puzzles. Take advantage of the locales, make the player wade and get immersed. Full Throttle has wonderful settings, but you don't get to spend a lot of time in them. Having rooms feel "spent" too soon creates kind of a lonely feeling.
  9. Yeah as far as cultural appropriation goes it's kinda mild. I think Peter just picked those two ethnomusicological baselines because musically he thinks in "toolbox" terms, likes the tones associated with those cultures, and was looking for a pleasing instrument mix that hasn't been done already. The final product doesn't seem to scream any particular culture. You could make a case for Grim Fandango, as beautifully multi-dimensionally executed as it is. These sort of things are typically analyses of a larger racial/cultural trend than they are condemnations of individual works.
  10. I'd appreciate a more detailed picture of the budget too, not just to dispel the misconceptions, but because it would be interesting how-games-are-made material.
  11. We ARE getting a huge adventure (hence going over budget.)And no, I'm a huge pixel art fan and I think it's silly to expect a game at this level to use a retro look. It would be a novelty. This game has an opportunity to push 2D graphics, which are sadly underrepresented in games, forward. Instead of being nostalgic for the graphics of 20 years ago, it should be what people 20 years from now will be nostalgic for.
  12. I had that concern as well, and they may very well decide to go that route later on. But as it is, if all they're planning is the early release thing, maybe they have reason to believe that sales from it will be sufficient to fund the remaining few months?
  13. "Backers still get the whole game this way—nobody has to pay again for the second half." It literally says that in the OP!
  14. Tim Schafer is throwing a small party. He asks some folks to chip in for beer. 87,142 people chip in $3,336,371 for beer. "Oh shit," thinks Tim. "I can't throw a tiny little party and just pocket the rest of the cash. I need to make this an amazing party." Tim plans out an amazing party. It has been a long, long time since there's been a party this amazing. Everyone wants a party like this. But in order to get really nice drinks and music and whatnot, it turns out it's going to cost even more than what's been chipped in. "Fuck it," Tim says. This party is already going to be crazy, why not go the extra mile? Tim decides to make it a full weekend. Everyone who's already on the guest list is welcome to attend. The party will be so rad that people who aren't on the guest list will want to show up. They're welcome too-- but they have to throw in some cash, just like everyone else. That extra cash will pay for the tigers and fire-breathers. Everyone is happy.
  15. I LOVE pixel art, and even I think you'd have to be crazy to expect DF to be making a pixel art game at this level. Maybe when it was just a $400k niche project, but not now.Furthermore, all of Tim's old LucasArts games had a heavy focus on the visual design. It's utterly integral to the storytelling. Also, good pixel art isn't necessarily any quicker or easier to create-- the modern pixel artist scene is very exacting, and I'm sure it was hard work back in the 90s, too.
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