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  1. There was SO MUCH innuendo in this game. It's everywhere. Not complaining, BTW.
  2. A shell horn in Shellmound And people say the puzzles are too easy GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. Haha! Obviously not a serious reply on my part. Maybe there is an elaborate way to make a shell horn. Use compressed air on conch. Heh, I SAY elaborate.
  3. I made a similar point in another thread. I got stuck once on a mega-monkey puzzle in CMI. So I played through the easier mode to get a clue about what was different about the mega-monkey version of the puzzle. Machinarium had a decent hint system, in my opinion. First, you had to play a mini-game to access the hint. Then it displayed a sort of cryptic visual depiction of the puzzle, which didn't tell you how to solve it, but did guide you well enough that it was highly unlikely that you wouldn't grasp what needed to happen.
  4. I've been wondering about the yarn. So much of Shay's environment is yarn... I think "Mom" comes from a weaver city. As does Marek. And it may be Mog Chothra that comes from a weaver/knitting city.
  5. I've been wondering about the yarn. So much of Shay's environment is yarn... They sure know how to spin a good yarn! I think there is more to the yarn. Think about it. What reason is there to make the yarn pals yarn? What reason is there to make the navigation system yarn? Is it only to serve the knit navigation puzzle? That seems kind of odd. I can see the overmother making yarn pals because of the cliche image of mothers knitting. but there are countless ways to make a goofy, spacey navigation apparatus. Of all the options in the world, the choice was YARN.
  6. But it WAS hidden in Brommel's possession. He was the odd one out in the scene, obviously stood against the celebration and should have been the first choice in investigating the location of the knife. Having the dialogue line that prompted cupcakes was an obvious indication that it was worth giving him a cupcake. Offering the cupcake gave three options, which is also odd, worthy of investigation on that fact alone. And the icing on the cake was an option to 'split the cupcake', which generally requires some sort of cutting utensil, a utensil that only Brommel seemed to know the location of. Everything was there to steer you to the solution. It was the farthest you could get from luck or randomness. It would only have gotten easier if the game literally told you who to click on and where to use which items. This is not a failure of the game designer. It is a failure of the player to see the things that were put in place. There is nothing wrong with the puzzle, and the criticism on the design is misplaced. Again, this is akin to blaming the devs of Counterstrike for dying because you didn't take cover under fire because you didn't know a wall was relevant to the situation. And I have no intention of calling anyone dumb or anything. Not being able to get this puzzle means you need to get better at solving these puzzles, just as dying in an FPS means you need to get better at staying alive. The appropriate reaction is NOT to blame the design in this instance.
  7. I don't think a player's failure to grasp this puzzle is the fault of the creators anymore than it is the fault of Counterstrike devs that some people can't kill their adversaries. The necessary elements were there. The logic is there. If someone had trouble with this puzzle, they just need to get better. That is the point of any game. If you want to be carried through an interactive story, get visual novels. *shrug*
  8. It is next to certain that this is a puzzle in act two or a puzzle cut from the game. There is a chute that is only accessible by the sweeper bot, and the sweeper bot appeared in a very deliberate fashion for the cereal segment. If they are tweaking act two to be more difficult, I would expect this puzzle to be reintroduced if it was cut, or present if it was always meant to be in act two.
  9. I've been wondering about the yarn. So much of Shay's environment is yarn...
  10. It is unfortunate that it is mega-monkey or easy, but not both. At least that is what it sounds like when reading these last few posts. This is how I see it and how I used it: I started on mega-monkey. I got stuck a lot, but managed to get through a good portion of it. But then I got REALLY stuck, like, for a week, and I loaded it up each day that week. So I started a new save on the 'easy' mode and played until I got to the same point. It was, indeed, part of an added puzzle and seeing what was NOT present helped me to narrow down my options in mega-monkey. Thus, I never needed to use a hint system or walkthrough. I never short-changed myself. And if I really hadn't handled mega-monkey, I simply would have completed the game on 'easy' before consulting a walkthrough or hint system. I've used hint systems before to progress in games where I am stuck, but I'm always left feeling annoyed because the "hints" are never hints. Well, I take that back. I have seen one or two systems that didn't ruin the experience by solving the puzzle for you.
  11. My goodness! That is a strong and accurate way of.., heh... putting it.
  12. B-b-but adventure games were never dead! Just wanted to chime in and say I freaking LOVED Primordia! The art was fantastic. The story was cliche, but still good and serviceable and had genuinely intriguing moments. It would pleasure me greatly to work with Victor Pflug sometime in the future.
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