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  1. Everybody get random!

    Hey all, I'm just back to apologize for being so immature and everything, for those who know what I'm talking about. I know I was being too sensitive. The way it all escalated beyond the first few comments was just plain ridiculous and mean. I took things way too offensive, and a few people decided to troll my sensitivity. Anyways, none of it matters. I have no reason to stay upset towards people I only know through text. I'm sorry for being as sensitive as I was. Sorry for bringing this up again, I tried to not make a big deal by sending it as messages to those involved, but it never let me send it. Anyways, I figured I'd rather not end my time here with harsh feelings towards people I considered my close internet-friends for a while. Bye DFAF, Have fun doing internet things, I can't wait for the Kickstarter Adventure Rai/Alex
  2. Introduce Yourself

    [del]Sorry, wrong thread~[/del]
  3. It's quiet in here today...

    Okay, I'm sorry. Let me rephrase all that. Lol it's not like I even expected a welcome back or anything. Nonono, I didn't post too often here in the first place (although I did post frequently enough, but no big deal). I just didn't expect to be treated like this was Youtube or something. It's like I post two things and suddenly everyone's being an ass. I don't get it. It's not that I have a fragile ego, it's just that I held these forums to some form of higher standard back then, and didn't expect to come back to this. Sure, I over-reacted, but when a bunch of people I considered friends back then act like total dicks to me, I was a little upset. This is me inviting a mod (if one still exists) to ban me, or lock this thread, or to do something else related to the two since me coming back apparently started a lot of drama. So seriously, just ignore me now and get back to your fun DFAFness. Edit: No, I'm not trolling you. Although, I do feel like I'm feeding some. Bye all.
  4. It's quiet in here today...

    This post is like... GOLD. I honestly aspire to craft such fine literature like this one day. So provoking yet... funny... Wow. So even when I lurk to see if I was wrong, and try to decide whether or not to keep posting here; I find that people keep being assholes to me even after I left. Yeah, no. (And eXpLoDeY, if I recall, you used to be that immature ****head who didn't have the slightest clue of when to shut up, at least when I was here. I don't think you really have room to talk, as you don't seem to have changed much.) This is my actual last post on DF, so I'll stop interrupting your fun now. I'll keep supporting Double Fine through purchases, and they're still my idols in the gaming business, but I won't be coming back to the forums here.
  5. Hi All!

    It's me! I'm back. Or, in which case we haven't met/you don't remember me, nice to meet you! :lol: I really wish I could get on here more, like I used to... :down: I'm in my senior year of high school, and things have been really really busy... Especially since this is that college-applying type of year. Not to mention all the family crises and whatnot, but I won't go into that. Anyways, I've returned to this oasis-on-the-internet (other than the fact that it's filled with awesome people, an awesome company, and awesome people related to that awesome company) for some advice. How many doublefineans on here have attended art schools/state schools for interactive media or animation? I tried to find a "contact us" button somewhere on the homepage, but I couldn't... And anyways, I'd also like to get the input from all you that post on here anyways. I want to know how hard it is to find a job in these fields, and what the business world in them is like, and if paying for a fancy-schmancy art school for then is even worthwhile. Or if a state-school, or even community college will do. Do job recruiters at places like Double Fine look for skill and a good portfolio, or experience mostly? I personally would love to go into the Interactive Media field. I'm not one of those neckbeards who learn some programming and think "I'm gonna work for video games!" No, I want to work hard and be part of a team. I know that the interactive media field as a whole, not just video games, will be the main center of the business world very soon. And the thing is, I'm an artist, I love painting, sketching, sculpting and animating (I've recived a certificate for 330 completed hours in an animation class since I was last here), so I'm passionate about my creations. Will passion get me very far? Should I even bother applying to a fancy art school like SCAD, or KCAI, or Ringling? I'm a bit poor at the moment, so I have about half I need for just one full year at a non-community college.. Also how've you all been? I don't know who all's still here and who isn't due to all the changed usernames ._.
  6. Everybody get random!

    -post repeated itself-
  7. Everybody get random!

    In all seriousness, I was asking "Are you serious?" not relating to the "joke" made afterwords. I was asking for a source or something of some kind, but I made it less than obvious. Oh well, whatever,
  8. Hi All!

    Thanks for the help, guys. I might see ya around the internet somewhere.
  9. It's quiet in here today...

    Wow.. I'm receiving a much-less-than-welcome feeling from almost all of you, so I guess this is my goodbye again. Thanks for the brief moment of help and niceness. This place is not what it used to be, so it seems. I guess you just lost another old member, though I guess it's not like you'd give a sh!t anyways. Whatever, bye. Guess the oasis dried up.
  10. Missing DFAFers

    I'm gonna be around more as well now, but it looks like I was never reported as missing in the first place
  11. It's quiet in here today...

    I wonder how often that phrase is said before rape.
  12. Everybody get random!

    What. Are you... serious? And I woulda thought Bieber would be the one getting pregnant.
  13. Hi All!

    Nice to talk to you again too, RF
  14. Hi All!

    Thank you very much! I'd love to be an animator, but what I'd really love is to innovate. Interactive media (video games, apps, websites, new rapidly-advancing technology) is something I'd love to be innovative for. I'd love to contact DF and ask what it's like being a concept artist, animator, and video-game designer. I know it's competitive... So that's why I'd like to know how worthwhile going to a fancy Art School is, and if they even care about that sort of thing when applying, or if they just like to see experience and a portfolio (which I obviously plan to have ready). Yep, I'm that Rai Also lol thank you, hot, for the FAQ. Good to see you're still here too. I remember y'all. How've you guys been?
  15. Everybody get random!

    Okay Carl, so you're gonna want to buy a big motherf**kin dog. And I'm not talkin any dog either. This motherf**ker needs to be a robot dog. Bear with me, you will get results. Alright so you spend a good few weeks braggin to your neighbor about this new dog (the dog needs to be named Hank). Okay so always take Hank on walks at 5PM. This is vital. Your neighbor will see that you are a devoted dog owner, and warm up to you. Use this to your advantage. You want to become close friends with neighbor, and go to their house all the time. Over the period of a year, mooch off of them about as much as you possibly can. After a period of about a year, keeping the mooching unnoticed, you'll be great friends with your neighbor (don't worry about being friendly to Hank, or feeding him, he's a robot). Around this time, wait for the optimal moment to strike. What you wanna do is wait for the next party, and at the beginning of this party, you F**KIN THROW HANK THROUGH THE WINDOW. THAT'S RIGHT. Don't worry, Hank is still a robot, that has not changed. Alright so all of your neighbors are like "WTF, why this this f**kin dog jump through the window? Why the F is he just lying there on our floor? Is he dead?" At this moment, you activate Hank's "Rocket Mode" Button (please see robot dog owner's manual, pg 174). At this time, Hank TRANSFORMS INTO A F**KING ROCKET AND BURSTS THROUGH THEIR CEILING TO GO LIVE ON THE MOON. While all of the partygoers are confused by the, you run in and grab the cake. No cake=No birthday party. BINGO! Repeat as much as desired for each following party. Wait... You mean these aren't recurring birthday parties? Well...F*ck... You're outta luck then.
  16. Everybody get random!

    Yes. And then the ritual will be complete, and I shall be whole again.
  17. If all else fails, wet all clothes and smack a foreign man with them (preferably in the face) at least 12 times each. Results will be more imminent if the man has a mustache.
  18. What are you Eating right now?

    My mom took me to get my favorite breakfast this morning, a cheap diner that sells italian steak on top of shellroni, with their special marinara sauce. And for dinner I had a barbeque pizza at this cool place called the record bar, where I might have my 18th birthday party.
  19. Everybody get random!

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been online too much at all recently, it it even matters, I wasn't that active in the first place. I haven't abandoned DFAF, it's awesome here. I've just had a whole lot of shitty family situations going on.
  20. Everybody get random!

    Aw... That's so adorable. I love lambs! I know, right? And having it trot along in the way it does with the music, it just makes my day
  21. Everybody get random!

    Sup, guys? I think I'm just gonna leave this here...
  22. E3 is coming up!

    Did you not see Sony's or Nintendo's? Same thing there. Actually I missed them. If that's the case, then I guess it's everyones fault